Levi Steven

Levi Steven

Content Intern, TimeZoneOne, Chicago
Bachelor of Business in Market Insights: Marketing, Advertising, Retailing, Sales and Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising Creativity

Studying both business and communications satisfied his desire for both creative ideation and the business strategy behind it, says Levi Steven.

“I enjoy working creatively to produce interesting ideas but also knowing the reasons behind the need for those ideas. Why are we selling this product? Who are we marketing to and why? How can our product improve their lives? By studying both business and communications I could explore both.

“In a constantly evolving and connected global economy, AUT’s focus on industry experience and innovative thinking is crucial. The practicality of assignments and constant group work proved invaluable in growing my confidence and preparing me for collaborative work in my current role. I also had some great tutors over the four years, and they make all the difference in the enjoyment of a paper.”

Invaluable international experience
This year, Levi gets to apply what he has learnt during his internship at creative communications agency TimeZoneOne in Chicago. He got the sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“When I heard about the Internz programme earlier in my degree, I recognised what an amazing opportunity it was to gain international experience in an industry-leading organisation. It was also a unique bonus that TimeZoneOne operates across three offices – Chicago, Toronto and Christchurch. This has been a particularly interesting aspect of the work environment; having contact with New Zealand and collaborating across time zones.

“I've been involved in general creative copywriting for new campaigns, proofreading, researching events to promote, sourcing user-generated content images and so much more. I really enjoy the office environment and the team I work with – they have all been very welcoming.”

His role also makes it easy to get to know his new hometown, Levi says.

“TimeZoneOne has a big focus on destination marketing, particularly for the state of Illinois. This makes it a perfect way to learn more about where I live as I update blog content and schedule social media posts conveying the range of activities on offer and the overall beauty of the state.”

Advice for other students
Apply for internships and make the most of the Internz programme, advises Levi whose studies were supported by a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

“Make sure to write up a good CV and put in the effort for each role you apply for. Tailor your CV to highlight different strengths depending on the role and what the employer is seeking. Answer questions truthfully and don’t be afraid to emphasise your strengths or areas you want to develop.

“Make sure you research the companies you are applying for – especially before an interview. If you do get to the interview stage, prepare some questions for the interviewer and be sure to know their big clients and top pieces of work.”