Ledwina Katuke

Ledwina Katuke

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Health Science

Her interest in holistic wellbeing inspired her to study a Bachelor of Health Science, says Ledwina Katuke who is currently in the third year of her degree.

“I’m drawn to the interdisciplinary approach because I believe it provides a well-rounded understanding of health complexities. The Bachelor of Health Science aligns perfectly with my passion for promoting community health and offering a versatile foundation for addressing health challenges. Because I’m studying the programme without a major, my studies cover many topics including anatomy, nutrition, public health and much more. That captivated my attention.”

She already has a good idea how she sees her future after graduating.

“I chose this path to gain the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on both individual and community health outcomes. Once I graduate, I aspire to pursue a career in a Pacific-based healthcare setting where I can work towards improving Māori and Pacific health. I aim to contribute to the efficient delivery of healthcare services, ensuring positive outcomes for both patients and healthcare institutions, both within and outside of Aotearoa.”

A voyage of discovery
For Ledwina, there have been a number of highlights throughout her studies.

“The most rewarding aspect of my studies has been engaging with different people, learning diverse perspectives and exploring a range of topics. Interacting with other students has enriched my understanding of different cultures and ideas. Every course has been a voyage of discovery, introducing me to fascinating subjects and expanding my knowledge. This continuous exploration has not only deepened my knowledge, but also created a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

“The vibrant student life at AUT has been another highlight, offering a perfect balance between academics and social engagement. AUT’s emphasis on a supportive and inclusive community fosters meaningful connections; making me feel part of something larger. Overall, there is a strong student life at AUT, and it has made my university journey not just academically fulfilling but has also influenced my social experiences.”

Receiving an AUT Find Your Greatness Scholarship and a Woolf Fisher First-in-Family AUT Scholarship has been pivotal in shaping her university journey, she says.

“Both scholarships have alleviated the financial pressures, enabling me to focus entirely on my studies. This opportunity has been invaluable and empowering for me in terms of navigating university life. I was able to focus on my studies with confidence, not having to worry about financial burdens. The scholarships team has also provided the best support and communications. Applying for a scholarship is an opportunity I encourage everyone to go for.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to complete her studies at the end of the year, Ledwina has some great advice for other students.

“Stay organised, manage your time effectively and have fun. Actively engage in discussions, build a network and seek support when needed. Don't fear failure – view it as a stepping stone to growth. Balance your studies with your personal wellbeing; always putting your health and wellbeing first. Lastly, explore diverse opportunities and passions to make the most of your university experience.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying at AUT to other students.

“I’d definitely recommend AUT to others for the perfect blend of academic excellence, vibrant campus life and strong support systems. AUT’s commitment to values like integrity, respect and compassion creates a foundation that resonates with my personal values. AUT provides an environment that nurtures both your academic and personal growth.”