Joshua Pereira

Joshua Pereira

Implementation Consultant (Asia-Pacific), Hudl, Sydney
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Honours)
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Sport and Exercise Science

As a promising tennis player and fan of all things sport, Joshua Pereira has long been captivated by the science and technology behind athletic performance. Studying sport and recreation at AUT enabled him to further his understanding of how the smallest of margins can determine an athlete’s success.

“I’ve played competitive junior tennis and at one point was ranked in the top 10 juniors in the country, with the goal to make it onto the professional tour. Though this hasn’t come into fruition, I believe that my journey at AUT has promoted new horizons through the resources and practical learning environment offered. I wanted to grasp the concepts and theoretical underpinnings within the field of sport science. From a practical point of view, I recognised that gaining a deeper insight into the current principles and key learnings would make me better equipped as I pursue my renewed goal of making my name in the performance analysis sector.”

After finishing his studies at AUT, Joshua joined performance analysis leader Hudl in Sydney and enjoys applying his skills to help teams and athletes win.

“I’m impressed by the professional standards that Hudl has set in this field. Helping clients from different sporting backgrounds to find the best solution and support for them, while being amongst a company that is constantly bridging the gap between sports and technology, is truly a dream opportunity.”

Working with the best
The workplace experience as part of his bachelor’s degree was one of the highlights of his studies at AUT, Joshua says.

“Having the opportunity to work within national sporting organisations and teams gave me a platform to apply the knowledge I gained in the classroom and refine it in a high-performance sporting context. I’ve been able to network with influential members of the field and gain insights into the current industry environment, while identifying areas where I can potentially add value to in the future.”

After completing his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in 2019, he enrolled in a year-long honours degree, with Dr Kirsten Spencer and Associate Professor Simeon Cairns from AUT’s School of Sport and Recreation as his supervisors for his honours degree research.

“AUT is recognised as one of the top universities for sports science in Australasia, and I knew that the courses offered at the postgraduate level would continue to stimulate my understanding and take my knowledge to the next level. The opportunity to continue to be mentored by leaders in the field and draw on their expertise was also difficult to pass up.

“For my honours degree research, I explored how emotions can affect athletic performance. The influence of negative emotions hasn’t been extensively analysed in tennis, despite there being a clear correlation between this notion and adverse effects upon sporting performance. My research examined the impact that frustration and anger can have on tennis performance in elite junior tennis players.”

Advice for other students
He would highly recommend AUT’s sport programmes to other students, says Joshua who received an AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Significant Student Scholarship as well as an AUT Foundation Scholarship to support his studies.

“If you have a passion for the sport sector and are motivated to take your knowledge and practical experience to the next level, AUT is the place for you. As students we can easily engage with staff and have meaningful discussions about assessment work, internships, thought-provoking research or new avenues for learning. The welcoming nature and positive learning environment that provides a pathway for students to become great graduates is a true credit of AUT’s proactive culture.”

Staying motivated is important, he adds.

“If I was to reinforce one piece of advice for prospective students, it would be to highlight the importance of confidence and staying motivated for the task at hand. Be prepared to work hard, put in the effort and don’t miss the chance to impress because you never know where it could lead.”