Gavin Sinclair

Gavin Sinclair

Senior Creative Copywriter, Global Media & Entertainment, London
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio

Audio is a great medium because you can do anything with it, says Gavin Sinclair who completed a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio in 2007 and now works in London as a senior creative copywriter at Global Media & Entertainment; Europe’s largest commercial radio company and the UK’s leading out-of-home media company.

“At its heart, the role of an audio copywriter is to write compelling scripts for commercials and promotions. Our team has produced several award-winning binaural/3D campaigns, and I’ve worked on the UK’s first dynamic audio campaign. I oversee the whole process from brief to production, including casting, directing voice talent, managing budgets, pitching work and liaising with clients.

“The voice talent in London is incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to work with many well-known actors. I used to watch them on TV when I was growing up and never in a million years did I think I’d meet them, let alone get the opportunity to work with them.”

He loves the problem-solving aspect of his career.

“Every job is like a puzzle to solve – how am I going to communicate this to that audience? How can I make sure it’s interesting? How can I do all that within 30 seconds or 75 words? This restriction forces you to be creative.”

A passion for radio
Gavin says he first became interested in pursuing a radio career when he was in high school.

“I sought out work experience opportunities and got to know a few people in the industry. When I was trying to decide where to study, I asked them for recommendations and the Bachelor of Communication Studies at AUT was highly regarded. Graduates have a great reputation in the industry.

“Once I knew that I wanted a place in AUT’s School of Communication Studies, I worked hard to achieve the required grades in high school. For my efforts, I was fortunate to be awarded an AUT scholarship for high academic achievement. Three years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies and was presented with the TRB Award for the Top Radio Graduate.”

Even today he still has fond memories of his three years at AUT.

“I made some lifelong friends, and I really enjoyed creating things, from editing my first video project, to producing my first audio feature and using Photoshop to create a print ad. The guest lectures from those working in the industry were really insightful and helpful. Near the end of my third year, AUT also arranged a two-week copywriting internship for me with the creative department at what was then RadioWorks. I’m still in the same career 15 years later.”

Advice for other students
With more than a decade of professional experience behind him, Gavin has some great advice for other students.

“If I was to do it all again, I’d would treat university like a 9 to 5 job. Use the time in between lectures and tutorials to do the readings and work on assignments. You’ll make it much easier on yourself when the deadlines all hit at once.”

Don’t forget to have fun, he adds.

“It’s university and you need to have some fun. For creative assignments, inspiration only hits when you’re relaxed not when you’re holed up in the library. So I guess my advice is, work hard but not too hard.”