Daniel Lip

Daniel Lip

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering
Certificate in Science and Technology

Software and the tech industry are the big things of our era, says software engineering student Daniel Lip who came to AUT as an international student from Timor-Leste, supported by a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship.

“Being able to understand software engineering principles and systematically apply them in different areas are the most interesting parts for me. I chose this degree because I want to become an engineer and be part of various industries and sectors – from education, healthcare and agriculture to finance and government. All sectors need IT solutions to tackle problems effectively. Being able to become one of the creative innovators that solve current problems and promote sustainability is why I chose this degree.”

Daniel already has a good idea how he sees his future.

“Once I graduate, I’d like to be part of an organisation that values change and creates positive impact for communities. I’m always fascinated by how quickly technology can change society for the better and tackle long-term problems. I believe that technology can help rural areas have better access to quality education and healthcare, and improve digital equity; a goal that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Feeling inspired
He has had many highlights throughout his studies so far, Daniel says.

“Studying at AUT gives me the chance to learn from experts in the area. Dr Lorenzo Garcia, for example, inspired me to think like an engineer. One of his lectures was about the impact of engineering on real life and he showed us his recent project on prosthetic fins for injured sea turtles. This inspired me to think about sustainable engineering, and challenged me to apply my knowledge to make a great impact on the world.

“The diverse community and supportive culture have also been highlights of studying at AUT. I’ve met new people from places I hadn’t heard of before, which made me curious about different cultures and helped me develop skills for working in an intercultural society.”

Staying on top of his studies can be challenging at times, he admits.

“The workload can be exponential sometimes, but AUT is providing a wide range of support to help me with my studies. Peer mentoring has been very helpful when I’m feeling stuck with assignments and the Bright Side programme has helped me navigate through tough times. I also appreciate that the AUT lecturers are willing to do one-on-one meetings to discuss projects and help me move in the right direction.”

Advice for other students
Daniel has some great advice for other international students.

“Embrace the challenges and opportunities to be overseas and be your real self. Discover new things and new cultures, and embrace the differences for growth. Be open and curious to new ideas and try stepping out of comfort zone. Finally, seek help if you need it from the wide range of support available, and you’ll be doing just fine.”

He would highly recommend AUT’s software engineering programme to other students.

“I’d recommend this degree to students who are seeking to improve their knowledge in the engineering area. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering gives you the opportunity to study exciting subjects, including artificial intelligence, swarm robotics, image processing and many more. In the first year, you also get a glimpse of other interesting areas of engineering.”