Daisy Fletcher

Daisy Fletcher

Marketing Manager, StudentCard NZ Ltd
Master of Marketing

For Daisy Fletcher, coming to AUT to study a Master of Marketing was a fresh start and a bit of a change from her previous career as a teacher.

“I was looking to change careers after years in the education sector. My plan was to upskill, gain understanding and knowledge, and explore which area of marketing I’d best be suited to in the workforce.”

It’s a decision she certainly hasn’t regretted and she thoroughly enjoyed being able to explore both marketing concepts and other business topics as part of her studies.

“I enjoyed the exposure to other business courses in the first trimester of my degree. The understanding of economic, financial and psychological factors lays a great foundation for connecting business fundamentals to how the marketing mix influences consumers.

“The second and third trimesters, where all the courses were focused on marketing, were fantastic and I loved learning about the different areas of marketing, then reflecting and understanding how they worked together. The personable tutors made the process even more enjoyable and their positive feedback on my growth grew my confidence to pursue the career I really wanted.”

The joy of planning campaigns
Now working as a marketing manager for StudentCard NZ Ltd, Daisy particularly enjoys the creative aspects of her career.

“I’m responsible for leading the marketing activities at a company that works closely with consumers, connecting brands to targeted demographics, as well as direct business through product distribution. My core responsibilities include managing and delivering brand awareness campaigns, product or title promotions, digital marketing across multiple channels and platforms, content curation, activations and other marketing activities. Due to the nature of the position, I hold relationships with companies across a wide range of industries.

“When deciding to shift careers from teaching, the one goal I had and vowed to hold on to, was my ability to be creative in the role I took on. Planning campaigns and being involved in content creation is an element of my job I really enjoy. I also love leading others and mentoring. I have a great team and enjoy guiding them as well as growing with them to create marketing material that resonates with our target audience.”

She is proud of how quickly she has been able to progress in her new career.

“I began as a marketing coordinator but within months was promoted to the marketing manager role. It was rewarding to be acknowledged for the efforts and strategies I had put in place. I’ve continued to take on and grow the marketing activity goals of the company and build relationships with our partners. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching and testing concepts to grow the business.”

Advice for other students
Daisy, who graduated from AUT in 2021, has some great advice for other students.

“While you’re studying, embrace new concepts with an open mind. You are there to learn and be exposed to others’ ideas and concepts. Take time to understand what you’re learning, seek support from your peers and lecturers, but don’t shortcut yourself by not soaking in the information.”

She also has some tips for job hunting.

“When looking for a job, while you may feel overwhelmed and pressured to apply for everything, have some goals or ideals about what job will make you happy. What can you not sacrifice for your happiness? This doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard, but working in a field and in a supportive environment that is enjoyable makes the hard work easier.”