Claudine Nalesu

Claudine Nalesu

Creative Technologist, DotDot
Bachelor of Creative Technologies

The freedom to explore is what she loves most about creative technologies, says creative technologies alumna Claudine Nalesu.

“I have many interests and in this degree I could explore many different areas and decide which area I want to focus on in the future. Our first year gave us a great overview of the field of creative technologies, and from our second year on we got to experiment and choose our own projects.”

One of the projects Claudine was involved in was an interactive Twitter frock worn at the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards. Using innovative textile-based circuitry, Arduino computing and clever seam-work, the dress lit up with LEDs whenever a particular hashtag was mentioned on Twitter.

But this wasn’t her only foray into the world of wearable garments.

“For the 2017 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards, we designed a Twitter jacket to be worn at the awards, and together with some product design students we also made 65 interactive table pieces. Other wearable garments I created at AUT are my second-year project The Colourless Clown, which was pre-selected for the World of Wearable Arts Show 2016, and Look but Don’t Touch, which received the Spark/Colab Unleashing Potential Award.”

Lighting the fire
As soon as Claudine heard about the creative technologies degree, she knew it was the right fit for her.

“When I saw AUT’s creative technologies brochure in the careers room in my secondary school, I immediately thought ‘That’s me’. I love that this degree covers everything – the arts, problem-solving, engineering and technology. I’m passionate about all these things, and in any other degree I would have to choose.”

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted, Claudine says.

“Technology allows me to find creative ways to solve problems. You combine all these different disciplines to create amazing projects. I believe creative technology should innovate and educate, and that’s what I aim to do.”

Ready to take on the world
In her final year, Claudine put her skills into practice through an internship with digital and AR development agency, One Fat Sheep.

“This one-year internship was a fantastic opportunity to learn about creative technologies in the workplace, and to create concepts for interactive experiences for some big clients. It was very interesting to see a project through from idea to concept and I learned so much.”

Since graduating in 2017, Claudine now works as a creative technologist at DotDot, a creative technology studio based in New Zealand and New York.

“My role is very close to what I did at university – conceptualising and creating interactive installations and digital solutions. The most recent project I worked on was part of our installation at MOTAT for Night Lights and MOTAT's new Accelerate exhibition.”