Anjila Reddy

Anjila Reddy

Podiatrist, The Foot Stop Podiatry Services, Gold Coast, Australia
Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)

She loves her job, says Anjila Reddy who is now working as a podiatrist at The Foot Stop Podiatry Services on the Gold Coast.

“I’m passionate about preventative health, and I love working for a podiatry business that is primarily mobile-based. This involves travelling from the patient’s home to provide care. This is a particularly beneficial service for the elderly and disabled. I love being able to help someone beyond their lower limbs, and enjoy setting them up with extra help through social workers and psychologists.

“Some of the things that might come up involve providing general nail or callus care, managing and treating ingrown toenails, assessing and dispensing footwear or orthotics, and managing wound care. I enjoy being able to follow up with the same person every six weeks for what could be years.”

While she now lives and works on the Gold Coast, Anjila spends her workday surrounded by fellow Kiwis: The Foot Stop Podiatry Services was founded by AUT podiatry alumna Mary-Ellen Redmayne and nine of the clinic’s 11 podiatrists are AUT graduates.

“I remember seeing a post about Mary-Ellen, who is now my boss, on the AUT podiatry FB page. She had just won a Queensland Young Businesswoman of the Year Award and I emailed to congratulate her on that amazing achievement. I mentioned some things from her post that resonated with me, including placing people over profits and providing the best possible care for the community. I told her I was set to graduate at the end of the year and would love to work for her business. She emailed me to interview, and here I am.”

Sharing a passion for podiatry
Anjila still fondly remembers her three years of study at AUT.

“I especially enjoyed the camp in the first year, which was a great way to meet your classmates you’re about to get to know really well through the next three years. Throughout my studies I was the class representative for the podiatry students, and received an Academic Achievement Award in both my first and second year at AUT. I’m also proud of completing the AUT Edge Award while I was at university.”

Being able to gain practical experience as part of her university degree was a highlight of Anjila’s studies.

“In the third year, most of your last semester is spent on an external placement. I was really lucky to have an amazing placement experience with a podiatrist in Masterton. She was so passionate about providing genuine care for her clients, and genuinely went above and beyond. She was authentically herself in her practice and such a ray of sunshine. I still remember those pink scrubs, and I often think about her passion.”

Advice for other students
Anjila, who graduated from AUT in 2019, has some great advice for other students.

“It’s okay to not have gotten it ‘right’ the first time. Sometimes you need to try something that might not be right to realise what is for you.

“I was initially studying a double major in psychology and physiology straight out of high school, and then switched to podiatry after my first year of study. It can feel like so much pressure out of high school to get it right, but changing degrees is totally okay. I wouldn’t be doing the job I love now if I hadn’t.”