Davide Lovison

Davide Lovison

Final-year student, Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

For Davide Lovison, a change in his personal life helped him discover his passion for healthcare and opened the door to a rewarding new career.

“My background is in hospitality, and I’ve worked in hospitality roles in Italy, London and Queenstown. In 2013, I opened La Bottega, an authentic Italian bakery in Kingsland. However, not too long after opening La Bottega I went through some stressful life events, which made me rethink the real meaning of life.

“I became a volunteer with St John's ambulance to give back to the community and that’s where I realised that healthcare could be my new career. I initially came to AUT to study paramedicine but after six months I made the switch to nursing.”

Becoming a nurse
He would highly recommend AUT’s nursing degree to other students, says Davide who will graduate with his Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) this August.

“If you’re passionate about learning and have the desire to make a difference in people’s lives, there’s nothing more rewarding than a patient appreciating your skills and dedication. I also love the diversity of career options you can choose from, and I’m hoping to find a role in an acute setting like an emergency department or an intensive care unit.

“Completing a bachelor’s degree in my early 40’s while working has to be one of my biggest achievements. What I’ve enjoyed most about my time at AUT were the lectures in very modern buildings, the guest speakers with real-life experience and the takeaway coffees outside the library to help me get through those long days.”

There was one particular moment in his first year at AUT that Davide will always remember.

“In my second semester, one of the lecturers told us to think about ourselves in that particular moment and be prepared to be a different person in three years’ time as this degree will change us. I never forgot those words, and I can now manage my emotions more effectively and have learnt to use reflections as a technique to evaluate my actions.”

Advice for other students
With graduation just around the corner, Davide has some great advice for other students.

“When it feels that you can’t take it anymore, pause, regroup and restart. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to have struggles, and this is what makes us better people. Patients are expecting humans not robots.”

Believe in yourself, he adds.

“The nursing degree is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions, but just believe in yourself and you will be fine, I promise.”

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