Amelia Rose Lingbu

Amelia Rose Lingbu

Freelance Interpreter and Translator
Graduate Certificate in Arts in Interpreting

Being able to work with people is one of the things she loves most about being an interpreter, says Amelia Rose Lingbu who came to AUT to study a Graduate Certificate in Arts, focusing on health interpreting.

“I very much enjoy working with people – meeting new people, being of assistance to them and being a cultural liaison because sometimes language is understood, but not the cultural undertones and body language.

“I was already working as a part-time English/Bislama interpreter and translator, and received an email from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, letting me know there was a scholarship programme for interpreters to get accredited by July 2024. I emailed a few different institutions and applied, but AUT was the obvious choice. I was contacted quickly by AUT’s team and received a call to discuss my plans for the future. It was very encouraging for me as a mum who was also working and unsure of whether I could take on something else.”

Feeling inspired
She was inspired by her lecturers, says Amelia who is of Pakeha and Ni-Vanuatu descent.

“All of them clearly loved what they did and were so passionate about it. I couldn’t help but become passionate and excited about it all as well. As I had previously been a teacher, I know for a fact that your learning journey depends so much on how well your teacher – or in this case, your lecturer – encourages and helps you.”

Another thing she appreciated about her time at AUT was being able to balance her studies around her responsibilities as a mother.

“All of our courses were online and the lectures were delivered via Zoom, which worked well for me as a mum.”

Highly recommended
Amelia says she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AUT’s interpreting and translation programmes to other students.

“I’ve already spoken to many of my bilingual friends and suggested it. Even if interpreting or translating isn’t your main career choice, the Graduate Certificate in Arts is an excellent way to upskill and grow your knowledge about working with other cultures.”

After graduating from AUT at the end of 2023, she is now enjoying spending time with her family while also planning her next move in her interpreting career.

“I’m currently focusing on being a mum while taking on more translating and interpreting work as I build up my client base. I’m also thinking very seriously about enrolling in AUT later this year to continue my learning journey in translating.”