Sexual harm and other violence support and reporting

Sexual harm and violence of any kind is not tolerated at AUT. Find out how you can get support around sexual or interpersonal harm (domestic, physical or other violence), and learn about your reporting options.

Are you in immediate danger?

If you or someone else is in danger right now, call the police on 111 or AUT Security on 0800 288 7233 (0800 AUT SAFE).

If you need to talk to someone, 24-hour support is available:

Disclosing an incident

If you're experiencing sexual harm, domestic or other violence, or if you’ve experienced it in the past and need support you can:

  • Report it online (you can make your report anonymously, or provide your details so we can contact you to discuss next steps or support)
  • Contact our Student Liaison team by phone or email

The incident you're disclosing can be recent or historic, in any location and involving any person.

Report it online

Need support or advice about bullying and harassment?

Find out more about about reporting and getting support around bullying and harassment.

Bullying and harassment support and reporting

What happens next

We can also support you through the reporting process. When you contact us (by phone, email or using the online reporting form), we can give you information about support options available at AUT and other organisations. We can also explain the process if you want to make a formal report.

If you make an anonymous report

We consider all reports for student safety, but be aware that AUT can only take a limited range of actions if you make a report anonymously.

If you give us your contact details when you make a report

If you feel ok about giving us your personal details when you make a report, we will contact you to discuss:

  • Your disclosure (the incident/s you have reported)
  • Your current safety and wellbeing
  • Support options (how AUT can support you, connecting with internal and external services)

It remains your decision whether you want to engage with any support, or make a formal report.

If the perpetrator is another AUT student, the Student Liaison Advisor can explain how to make an Allegation of Misconduct to the Manager of Student Conduct.

Contact us

To report an incident or talk through your options, contact us:

Jaimee Nicholson (she/her)
Student Liaison Advisor
Phone +64 21 921 844