Final interview (Beyond AUT Award)

The final stage of the Beyond AUT Award for postgraduate students at AUT is the final interview. To prepare for this you must attend a final interview information session. You also need to complete the volunteering, leadership and employability parts of the Beyond AUT Award.

What you need to do

The final interview involves you reflecting on your personal and professional growth during the award, and then discussing these in an interview situation.

Writing personal learning experiences

You start by writing about three unique personal learning experiences you had – one for each part of the Beyond AUT Award - volunteering, leadership and employability. These experiences provide the basis for the final interview.

You could write about how you’ve gained a fresh perspective or developed or enhanced a skill set that will help you personally or professionally in the future.

Once this is written a coach will help prepare you for your final interview.

Attend an interview

You attend a final interview with the AUT Director of Employability to discuss your three learnings across each part of the award and then deliver your elevator pitch.

Allow plenty of time to think carefully about the learning experiences and practise talking about them.

Why do an AUT employability award?

Want to stand out to employers? With the AUT Edge and Beyond AUT Awards you gain an extra edge in the competitive marketplace by developing sought-after skills through volunteering, leadership and employability activities. Check out the AUT Employability blog article about the awards.


AUT Employability award prize winners

Book an info session

Want to find out more about this award? Go to Elab Online, click on ‘Events’ and book into an information session.

It’s easy to log in – just choose ‘Current student’ and enter your AUT student ID number and password.


Other parts of this award

The Beyond AUT Award takes about 65 hours to complete. As well as the reflection you also need to complete:

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