Your safety responsibilities on campus

​​Ensuring a safe place to work and study is a shared responsibility between AUT staff and students.

​​Supervisors' responsibilities

​The New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 places responsibilities on AUT academic staff and supervisors to take all steps to​ provide you with a safe place to work and study.

These steps involve being proactive to identify, assess and control hazards in accordance with legislation and AUT policy and procedures.

​​Students' responsibilities

​Ensure the safety of yourself and others. You're responsible for looking after your own health and safety, and you must also take care not to put other people at risk of harm. You could put people at risk by:

  • ​​Acting in an unsafe manner
  • Not following agreed safe work practices
  • Not reporting a situation which could result in someone getting hurt

​​​Be aware of and understand key safety procedures

  • Listen very carefully to safety information provided by your lecturer and take the time to become familiar with all key safety procedures
  • Ask your lecturer or technician for clarification, help or instructions if you're not sure about how to perform any task safely. It’s better to ask than to guess or make a poor judgement which could result in an accident
  • Offer suggestions to improve health and safety
  • Report incidents and near-misses to your lecturer

​​​Where to find more information

You'll find additional rules and procedures pertinent to your study in manuals and notes, school websites and from your lecturers and technicians.

Remember these rules are designed for your protection and will be expected from prospective employers in the future.

Contact us

Security officer assisting staff at AUT

Phone: 0800 AUT SAFE (0800 288 7233)

AUT Security and Emergency Management

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