Your personal safety on campus

Having a personal safety plan means thinking about what actions you would take in various situations, in case you ever need it. Here are some guidelines for developing a safety​ plan.

  • Be aware: recognise potentially dangerous situations before they develop.
  • Trust your intuition: your sixth sense could save you from danger.
  • Safe place: have a 'safe place' you can retreat to if you feel threatened while on campus. Suggested safe places are the library, public areas that are well lit and occupied, occupied reception desks or security offices.
  • Self-defence: consider taking a self-defence course.
  • Awareness when drinking: when socialising, don't drink too much. Alcohol lowers your awareness and increases vulnerability. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Even if a student or acquaintance offers you a drink, make sure you can see it either poured or opened in front of you. If you're not drinking alcohol you still need to be safe – tea, coffee, milk and milkshakes can also be spiked.

We want you to feel safe while you're at AUT. Make sure you download the AUT Safe app and remember AUT Security and Emergency Management is available 24/7.

AED locations on campus

Automated external defibrillator (AED) is a type of life saving equipment used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

There are defibrillators located across the three campuses.

City Campus

  • WA4 – Hikuwai Plaza, outside library
  • WB222 – Health & Counselling Centre
  • WF01 – Lift lobby
  • WG1 – Help desk in the atrium
  • WH209 – Piko restaurant
  • WO2 – Security reception
  • WS01 – Lift lobby
  • WY1 – Mayoral Drive (lift lobby)
  • WQ3 – Reception area

City Campus map

North Campus

  • AA124 – Lobby
  • AH01 – Reception
  • AL01 – Library foyer
  • AR01 – Stairwell of south block, beside carpark 6
  • AX01 – AUT Health / Northmed reception, 3 Akoranga Drive

North Campus map

South Campus

  • MA1 – Main lobby
  • MB101 – Corridor
  • MD100 – Corridor
  • MH101 – Kiosk near main lift

South Campus map

Contact us

Security officer assisting staff at AUT

Phone: 0800 AUT SAFE (0800 288 7233)

AUT Security and Emergency Management

AUT Facilities Maintenance and Services

Download the AUT Safe app from Google Play and iTunes.

AUT Safe features include:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Friend walk
  • Safety toolbox
  • Campus maps
  • Emergency plans
  • Support resources
  • Safety notifications

Download today to ensure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.