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Part of health sciences at AUT, the Public Health department covers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes – from public and environmental health to disaster risk management, health care ethics, and violence and trauma studies.

Our academic staff are widely known for their expertise across the field of public health, and our coursework and research programmes attract local and international students and academics. The programmes strengthen practice and research expertise in public health, environmental health, emergency and disaster management, health care ethics, and violence and trauma studies.

Research in health sciences

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across health sciences.

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The National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research contributes to the reduction of health disparities and improves the health of New Zealanders.

Department staff with Professor Robert Field (Drexel University, Philadelphia), visiting Fulbright Scholar and speaker at AUT's 2018 food symposium, 'Our Food. Our People. Our Future.'.

Fern Pereira
Til Chhetri
Nickola Loodin
Renu Sisodia
Sarah Yzendoorn

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Debra Spinetto
Programme Information Advisor
Phone: +64 9 921 9735

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Heather Came
Dr Radilaite Cammock
Dr Cath Conn
PIF Study Director Dr El-Shadan Tautolo
News pattern
Heather Came
The public sector ethnic pay gap
17 Sep, 2020
A new study reveals significant ethnic pay disparities within the top tiers of New Zealand’s core public sector and district health boards.
Dr Radilaite Cammock
HRC grants for four AUT researchers
27 May, 2020
Dr Radilaite Cammock is one of four AUT researchers who recently received a prestigious Health Research Council grant to support their work.
How adolescents define well being
03 Mar, 2020
Tweens see family and friends as the surest way towards wellbeing
Dr Cath Conn
Disrupting the public health workforce
18 Nov, 2019
New Zealand's public health workforce is rapidly changing in response to local and global trends, including new technologies and widening inequities.
PIF Study Director Dr El-Shadan Tautolo
Study of Pacific people comes of age
07 Oct, 2019
For nearly 20 years, an AUT study has been tracking the development of 1,400 Pacific children.
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