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Part of health sciences at AUT, the Public Health department covers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate progrmmes - from health promotion and public health to emergency management, and health care ethics.

Our academic staff are widely known for their expertise across the field of public health, and our coursework and research programmes attract local and international students and academics. The programmes strengthen practice and research expertise in public health, health promotion, emergency and disaster management, and health law and ethics.

Research in health sciences

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across health sciences.

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The National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research contributes to the reduction of health disparities and improves the health of New Zealanders.

Ayan Said
Mikael Raffael T Abaya
McDonald William Nyalapa
Nickola Loodin

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David Letele addresses the audience at the Food Symposium 2018 event
Dominic O'Sullivan
Dr El Shadan Tautolo
Radilaite Cammock
David Letele addresses the audience at the Food Symposium 2018 event
Our Food. Our People. Our Future.
19 Oct, 2018
The recent food symposium at AUT South Campus celebrated local champions and successful community-based projects.
Dominic O'Sullivan
Indigenous health: power & politics
02 Aug, 2018
AUT recently hosted a public conversation on indigenous health with visiting political scientist Dominic O’Sullivan.
Dr El Shadan Tautolo
Pacific youth at risk if mothers gamble
09 Jul, 2018
AUT research sheds light on the intergenerational effects of gambling among Pacific families.
Radilaite Cammock
Fijian reproductive health worse in NZ
28 Mar, 2018
A new study shows that indigenous Fijian women living in New Zealand are not benefitting from the higher level of resources available.