Mechanical Engineering department

The Mechanical Engineering department is part of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences at AUT.

The study of mechanical engineering at AUT prepares students to solve complex engineering problems. Students also gain a firm understanding of industrial computing, and the latest simulation techniques and methodologies to evaluate new materials, products and processes.

Research in engineering

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across engineering, computer and mathematical sciences.

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Danny Blakeman
Avhneel Singh
Nick van der Geest
Zainab Manasawala
Mitchell Donnelly

QS Subject 2019 Engineering-Mechanical-Aeronautical-Manufacturing Ranked

BioDesign Lab delivers new solutions 850
NZ Cyber Security Centre
Sandra Grau Bartual
Dr Mahsa
Tim and Nick
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BioDesign Lab delivers new solutions 850
BioDesign Lab delivers new solutions
28 Jan, 2021
New facemask technology is one of many innovative technologies and therapies developed by researchers at the AUT BioDesign Lab.
NZ Cyber Security Centre
More cyber attacks likely
01 Sep, 2020
New Zealand businesses warned to be ready for cyber attacks as attacks on the NZX continue. Professor Dave Parry explains what’s been happening.
Sandra Grau Bartual
Technology to reduce spread of COVID-19
25 Jun, 2020
AUT researchers have secured funding to produce a prototype of a new humidifier aiming to reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19 in hospital settings.
Dr Mahsa
Getting more kids into STEM is crucial
12 Jun, 2020
Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh, Director of Women in STEM at AUT says now more than ever getting and maintaining children’s interest in STEM is vital.
Tim and Nick
Face shields for health workers
30 Apr, 2020
Associate Professor Tim Pasang and student Nick van Der Geest have been 3D printing medical face shields for frontline health workers.
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