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Learn about how to support your child and the services they’ll have available while they’re studying.

Adjusting to university life: how the study year is structured

You will find that your child will need some time to adjust to the difference between university life at AUT and their high school experience. If you can understand how the university year and your child’s study programme are structured, then you can better support them with this change in their lives. Read more

Support for our students with COVID-19

The wellbeing and safety of our students is always a priority. Find out how we’ve supported students during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more

Why are AUT staff so important in the life of my child at university?


AUT staff play a huge role in your teen’s life at university. Find out what our students and graduates have to say about their positive experiences with staff and how this has impacted their lives. Read more

How does Orientation prepare students for university life?

Orientation at AUT

Find out how Orientation for new students helps your teen feel more prepared when university starts and understand what to expect at AUT. Read more

What support is available to students at university?

AUT’s multifaith rooms, Muslim prayer rooms and chaplains provide religious and spiritual support for students.

AUT offers some of the most comprehensive student services and support in New Zealand – our friendly team can help your child to navigate their studies, deal with challenges, plan their future options and more. Read more

How to cope with your child moving away from home to study

Moving away from home to study is a chance for your teen to put essential life skills into practice

When your child moves out of home to study at university it’s a time of big change for the whole family. Here are our tips on how to support them from a distance. Read more

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