AI in teaching and learning

12 Jun, 2024
AI in teaching and teaching

As part of Techweek 2024, AUT Business School and the AI Forum NZ recently hosted an event that brought together respected academics who are all forerunners in using AI tools in their learning and teaching. Dr Geri Harris (Management, Technology and Organisation) moderated a lively interactive discussion with an expert panel comprising Dr Shahper Richter (Auckland University), Dr James Oldfield (Unitec), AUT lecturer Cordelia Stewart (Marketing and International Business), and AUT postgraduate student Jessie Jiang (Master of Supply Chain Management).

Key takeaways from the event include:

  • Using AI to enhance learning: The panelists emphasised the importance of using AI tools responsibly and ethically to improve learning outcomes. They highlighted AI's potential to personalise education, provide instant translations, and create a more inclusive learning environment.
  • Maintaining academic integrity: The discussion focused on the need for students to follow academic integrity guidelines when using AI tools as "co-pilots" and co-researchers. Transparency and proper citation of AI-generated work are needed to ensure and maintain ethical standards.
  • Promoting equity in education: The event highlighted how AI can level the playing field for learners with diverse needs, such as dyslexia. By promoting the use of assistive tools, education can become more equitable and inclusive, ensuring that all students can succeed.
  • Innovating assessments: The panelists discussed “reimagining” assessments in the age of AI, moving away from traditional formats like essays and towards more interactive and practical assessments. Ideas such as interactive oral assessments, group presentations followed by individual questioning, and using AI as a coach for critical thinking were explored as effective ways to assess learning.
  • Preparing students for the future: The panelists emphasised the importance of educators equipping students with the necessary skills to use AI responsibly in their future careers. By integrating AI tools into teaching practices, students can become workplace-ready and gain a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Watch the full recording of the event, which includes the video of cases presented on the day.

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