Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Winter Series

Date: Friday 9 Aug, 9am - Friday 16 Aug, 10pm
Location: Various locations across AUT's City Campus
New Zealand
Cost: Free and paid events
Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Winter Series 08/09/2024 09:00 08/16/2024 22:00 Join us once again as we celebrate all things food this August. Curated by AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism in collaboration with Pacific Food Lab Various locations across AUT's City Campus, Auckland , New Zealand
Winter series 2024

Join us once again as we celebrate all things food this August. Curated by AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism in collaboration with Pacific Food Lab - Aotearoa, the AUT Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Winter Series programme for 2024 brings together a mix of academics and industry in an eclectic range of events all designed to stimulate discussion, explore tastes and highlight the potential of food. The series is open for all to enjoy and held right in the heart of the city on AUT’s City Campus.

Please note all tickets go on sale from 24 June 2024.

Friday 9 August

NZ Chefs Association Pastry Chef of the Year 2024

9am–12pm, WH Building, Level 3 Kitchen. This is a free event for spectators.

Love MasterChef? Then come watch the real thing as some of New Zealand's leading pastry chefs battle for the right to be named Pastry Chef of the Year for 2024. This live culinary competition kicks off at 9am, with the first item presented at 11am and the second item presented before 12pm! Drop in at any time to watch the action.

Poetry of Mead: Scandinavian Tales of mjød with Mamakan

3pm– 5pm, WH Building. $50 per person.

Part art installation, part workshop, all mythical and magical, Danish botanical artist Mamakan Oustrup Laureijs invites you to experience Nordic-style food and drink with New Zealand native plants.

Drawing deep from her Scandinavian roots and using the native harvest from her forest farm, Velskov, as a canvas, this hands-on sensory workshop will bring to life the land, season, art, cuisine, and nature. Explore the taste and mythology of the drink they call the ‘nectar of the gods’ and even produce some to take home yourself!

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Growing Together: How Urban Agriculture Can Strengthen Our Communities (fundraising movie screening for Kelmarna Community Gardens Trust)

5.30pm – 8pm, WG Building, WG126. $15, $30 and $45 per person tickets.

Live in the city and want access to high quality, locally grown food? Join us for a movie night to learn more about the positive impacts of urban community farming.

There is a growing desire worldwide, and especially in Aotearoa, for urban agriculture initiatives. This screening is an opportunity for you to learn all about how these initiatives can better our relationship with food and the people who grow it. Light refreshments made from Kelmarna Garden produce will be served following the screening, and the Kelmarna team will be present to chat further about the important mahi they do for our whānau.

All proceeds go towards Kelmarna Community Farm - a stalwart of Auckland's urban agricultural movement for 40 years. The garden supports a resilient, healthy food chain through regenerative, organic agriculture practices and community outreach. You can also follow them on Facebook

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Monday 12 August

Kai Narratives: Writing the Future of the New Zealand Food Story

6pm–8.30pm, WG Building, WG308 Te Iringa Room. $10 per person.

New Zealand Food writing punches well above its weight on the international food scene, with the work of our food writers being much admired. But the world continues to change, and the publishing world faces numerous challenges. So, what does the future hold for New Zealand food writers and publishers - who will tell the story of New Zealand’s food, and how will those stories be told?

In collaboration with Cook the Books, join us for what will be a fascinating panel discussion on the future of New Zealand culinary storytelling. This will be a must-attend for anyone who loves cookbooks or dreams of being a food writer. Light refreshments and a chance to mix and mingle with the panelists will follow the session.

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Tuesday 13 August

Slow Food Auckland Marketplace

10am–2pm, WG Building, Sir Paul Reeves Atrium. Free event.

To celebrate urban food production, we have teamed up with Slow Food Auckland for our inaugural Winter Series market day. Come meet the producers, hear their stories, taste their products, and find out how you can get involved. Complete the Marketplace Passport and enter to win the Marketplace Hamper with offerings from our artisan vendors.

Local, sustainable, and artisanal, and direct from the producer to you - this is a chance to see the future of food in action.

Pacific Food Lab New Caledonia: A Taste of Sustainability in the Pacific

1.30pm–2.30pm, WH Building, Room WH415. $10 per person.

What will it take to put Pacific food culture front and centre of the culinary world in a way that respects and celebrates its rich vibrancy, history, and diversity?

Part discussion, part tasting demonstration, 100% enlightening and entertaining, this collaborative session with the Pacific Food Lab in New Caledonia will provide nutrition for body and thought for mind. Enjoy a taste of the Pacific as Chef Gaby Levionnois shares his vision for a united, sustainable Pacific food system – one built on equity, resilience, and respect.

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Halfway Down Dominion Rd: Experiencing Auckland’s Food Suburbs

5.30pm–7.30pm, WH Building, Four Seasons Restaurant. $40 per person.

In the forty years since the economic reforms of the fourth Labour Government, New Zealand’s social, cultural, and economic change has been nothing short of seismic. Auckland, in particular, has been transformed into one of the world’s most superdiverse cities. One of the most visible expressions of this change is the culturally diverse ethnoscapes seen within the food offered along Auckland’s Dominion Rd.

Join Professor Tracy Berno and Culinary Lecturers John Kelleher and Rob Richardson for this multisensory food experience as they set out to highlight how food can convey a sense of time and place, and importantly, how cultural food diversity can help support inclusivity.

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Wednesday 14 August

All Things Chocolate: From Its History, to the Bean, the Farmer, and the Tasting

1.30pm–3pm, WH Building, Room WH415. $15 per person.

Meet Cacao Ambassador, Oonagh Browne, as she takes us on a tour of all things chocolate.

Part cocoa whisperer, all master chocolatier, Oonagh has had a love affair with chocolate for over 10 years. Today, her focus is on helping promote sustainable and fair cocoa production for growers and communities within the Pacific region.

So, whether you are a connoisseur or simply a chocolate enthusiast, come savour the sweetness and deepen your appreciation for the most beloved treat on earth.

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Vines & Flavours: A Journey Through Old World and New World Wines & Cuisine

5.30–7.30pm, WH Building, Four Seasons Restaurant. $50 per person.

Who does it better - old world or new world? Are traditionalists just yesterday's hipsters, or do these new upstarts need putting in their place? It is time to put them in the ring and find out!

Join us as we travel an offbeat journey through vineyards old and new and put old school v new school wines to the food matching test. Led by wine lecturer Mario Basnayake, you will enjoy some fantastic examples of the world's greatest wine varietals and put your tasting to the test as you decide which food and wine match will win each round.

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Thursday 15 August

Savor & Indulge: Exploring the Intersection of Food and Pleasure

3pm–4.30pm, WH Building, Four Seasons Restaurant. $45 per person.

Epicureans believe that life should be lived in a way that derives the greatest amount of pleasure possible - and it is hard not to agree! As one of life's two fundamental impulses, humans have always elevated the status of food, to raise it beyond mere nourishment and embrace its connections to art, sex, symbolism, and pleasure.

In this interactive Winter Series event, we will explore our desire for the culinary satiation of body and mind. We will share in some of the food world’s most indulgent and symbolic treats while delving into the science and gastrophysics behind our most primal pleasure: eating.

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Friday 16 August

Winter Series Pacific Food Lab Aotearoa Gala Dinner

6pm–10pm, WG Building, Sir Paul Reeves Atrium. $85 per person.

Our showcase Winter Series event. Join AUT’s School of Hospitality & Tourism as we partner with Pacific Food Lab - Aotearoa to celebrate Tāmaki Makaurau’s food connection to the South Pacific. With a menu created by leading Pacific-inspired chefs working alongside our culinary students and live performances, this will be a dinner not to be missed. Net proceeds from the dinner will go towards helping our students access food-related research and study opportunities within the Pacific.

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What's on throughout?

With a Grain of Salt: Exploring the Flavour and Functionality of Sodium

Monday 12 August – Friday 16 August
12pm–1pm each day
WH Building, Room WH306
$15 per person per session

Essential to life on Earth but also found as far away as Mars, salt is so ubiquitous that we tend to overlook its importance. Whether as a form of currency, stain remover, or explosive, Senior Lecturers Suzanne Bliss and Michael Choi will tell a story of salt that is both fascinating and enlightening. Each day's session covers a different aspect of salt’s culinary use:

  • Monday
    Salt Preservation & Portuguese Wine
  • Tuesday
    Salt, Sake and Sauces
  • Wednesday
    Salted Caramel and Pink Gin
  • Thursday
    Modified Salts & Margaritas
  • Friday
    Dancing peanuts: Beer & Salty Bar Snacks

Along the way, you will make and taste something a little salty to enjoy!

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Pacific Food Lab Aotearoa Gastronomy Pop-Up Shop

Monday 12 August – Friday 16 August
WH Building, Piko2Go Food store

Celebrating local food producers and artisan crafts persons, our pop-up Gastronomy Shop will be the place to go to satisfy all your culinary shopping impulses!

Open every day of the Winter Series, the shop will be packed with cookbooks, preserves, fresh produce, cheese, charcuterie, and culinary knickknacks.

What's for sale?

Diploma of Patisserie 1st Year Showcase

Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays throughout August
WH Building, Piko Cafe

Each August, our first-year patisserie students take over Piko Cafe and are let loose to show their stuff! Pies, savouries, cakes, and sweets are all handmade each morning, fresh from the oven to you! Come for morning tea and a coffee or pick up some treats for home - but come early as things sell out fast!

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