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Professor Jarrod Haar

Covid cautious or Covid cavalier?

20 Jun, 2022
New AUT research shows half of Kiwi employees have at least a moderate level of “office anxiety” - concerns about returning to the workplace.
Dame Judy McGregor standing arms crossed and smiling in front of a Pacific tapestry

Judy McGregor made a Dame Companion

Social sciences and public policy
10 Jun, 2022
Dame Judy McGregor has “lifted the voices and improved the lives of women, children and older people around the world”.
Air of compromise

Emissions reduction plan lacks strategy

Social sciences and public policy
18 May, 2022
The newly released Emissions Reduction Plan was supposed to get real about urgent climate action – and it partially achieves this, but only partially.
Treat public health like transport

Treat public health like transport

Social sciences and public policy
16 May, 2022
The pandemic might have revealed the importance of robust public health infrastructure, but we still have trouble grasping the vital need to invest in it.
IPCC Report

How NZ can reduce emissions faster

Social sciences and public policy
08 Apr, 2022
This week’s IPCC follow-up report on climate mitigation confirms the transition to net zero is underway, however inadequately.
Climate chagne_RM

Can big oil help save the planet?

Social sciences and public policy
17 Feb, 2022
Culpability for past actions aside, there might be a way we can use the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change.

Avoid an Auckland business bonfire

26 Oct, 2021
Deep into a delta lockdown, businesses in New Zealand’s biggest city urgently need a new form of support, writes Richard Meade.

Consider the costs of long COVID

Social sciences and public policy
28 Jul, 2021
Governments easing pandemic restrictions need to consider the cost of long COVID, writes Richard Meade.
climate change

NZ's climate change efforts

Social sciences and public policy
28 Apr, 2021
All the plans and strategies in the world to lower our emissions are of no practical worth unless someone invests in the outcomes.
Covid stimulus

Covid-19 stimulus a lost opportunity

Social sciences and public policy
25 Feb, 2021
Did the NZ government embrace the call to "build back better" by directing COVID-19 stimulus towards a low-emission economy?


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