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AUT Sport and Recreation student, Kaiya Brown

Student represents Samoa at Paris 2024

Sport and recreation
23 Jul, 2024
AUT Sport and Recreation student, Kaiya Brown, is set to represent Samoa at Paris 2024.
Three images of the AUT Winter Series, showing chefs and students making food and wine being poured.

Culinary delight at the Winter Series

Hospitality, tourism and events
22 Jul, 2024
Unwrap the chocolate and break out the mead, AUT’s Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Winter Series is back to warm you up with all things food in 2024.
Doctor NZ

School-based healthcare a must for NZ

Health sciences
16 Jul, 2024
Though NZ’s school achievement is a big focus right now, what’s missing from the discussion is the impact health has on learning and academic achievement.
From left to right: Kane Follows, Greta Pilkington, Connor Bell, Ainsley Thorpe and Tara Vaughan.

Paris-bound Olympic athletes

Sport and recreation
15 Jul, 2024
AUT very proud of alumni and student selected for the New Zealand Team at Paris 2024.
Laces made by Jacob Smith

Enter the Woo-Lace

Art and design
11 Jul, 2024
Sneakerhead and AUT Bachelor of Design student Jacob Smith has developed a biodegradable shoelace using strong New Zealand wool.
Generic graphic of AI

Could AI create less trustworthy news?

Communication studies
09 Jul, 2024
A new study suggests that generative AI could return false or misleading information, causing significant implications for the news industry.
Kiribati Language Week 2024

Kiribati Language Week 2024

08 Jul, 2024
AUT alumna, Lisa Ngauea, speaks about her Kiribati language journey as the University celebrates the third Pacific Language Week of 2024.
Damon Salesa at AUT's Matariki awards

AUT announces Matariki Award winners

05 Jul, 2024
AUT announces the winners of Ngā Whakamānawa o Matariki, AUT's Matariki Awards, recognising staff excellence across academic and professional disciplines.
Damon Salesa

Vice-Chancellor’s Matariki address

03 Jul, 2024
Acknowledging the waters AUT has traversed in the past year was the focus of a Matrariki address by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Damon Salesa.
Garden Herbs

Can smells influence what you buy?

26 Jun, 2024
Using scent strategies to nudge consumers toward more wholesome food options is an under-explored opportunity to improve public health outcomes.


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