Disability Action Plan

AUT has a long-standing reputation for supporting the access and success of students with disabilities. We have a relatively high proportion of students with disabilities, and are committed to the principles of the Kia Ōrite Code of Practice to create an inclusive environment that enables students with disabilities to achieve success.

We’re proud that overall our disabled and Deaf students have achieved parity in success rates with other students, and that we’re known for providing personalised and mana-enhancing support.

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What is the Disability Action Plan?

AUT’s Disability Action Plan 2024-2026 is founded on an ongoing programme of engagement between AUT, and our disabled and Deaf students. We have also included the views of disabled and Deaf staff as we recognise an opportunity to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for staff as well as students.

The Disability Action Plan is part of AUT’s planning framework, and aligned with Ki Uta Ki Tai, AUT’s student success plan, and Te Aronui, which outlines AUT’s Tiriti response.

Updates on our progress will be added here once they are available.


You can also view staff and student responses to the plan

Action Plan Cover

Aims and objectives of AUT's Disability Action Plan

The plans has 3 overarching aims:

Normalise the experience of Deafness and disability within AUT

Ensure our interactions are mana-enhancing

Introduce a university-wide support system


  1. Become disability confident
  2. Implement inclusive policies and procedures
  3. Improve accessibility in learning and teaching
  4. Support our students
  5. Support our staff

AUT has strong relationships with advocacy groups

AUT has long-standing relationships with advocacy groups like Achieve, Workbridge and the Be.Institute.


Disability support services at AUT

For students who disclose in their application to study at AUT that they are Deaf or have a disability, the Disability Support Services team is the main point of contact. Current students can connect with the service independently or be referred by an AUT staff member.

Support at AUT

Our staff proactively case manage and offer support to every student – from assistive technology and sign language interpreters to advice on accessible campus routes and assistance with managing the study load.

Disability support

The equity code of practice

We're committed to equity of access and opportunity for students, staff and visitors. AUT supports the principles of the Kia Ōrite Code of Practice for an inclusive tertiary environment, which enables students with impairments to achieve fully.

Kia Ōrite Code of Practice

An important part of the AUT community

Te Ahuru on AUT City Campus

AUT wants to offer students and staff an accessible environment. Standards we’ve already adopted include:

  • Newer facilities built to Be.Lab’s Gold standards for accessibility
  • Sign language interpreters at major AUT events
  • A learning management system with accessibility features
  • Access to online study service Studiosity for all students
  • Access to the Microsoft platform with its accessibility features
  • Adaptive technology resource library
  • Adaptive technology lab
  • Fire alarm alert system for students or staff with hearing difficulties through My AUT
  • Staff course on accessible learning design and technology
  • Staff intranet information on accessibility, and access needs and inclusion

Latest news: Adapting signs to suit Deaf students

AUT’s NZSL interpreters have been working with Ko Taku Reo – Deaf Education New Zealand to review signs used in various subject areas.