Official AUT publications

AUT’s main official publications include our strategic plan, annual report and academic calendar.

Strategic plan (AUT Directions)

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AUT Directions describes the University’s strategic objectives, how AUT intends to allocate its resources, and areas AUT wants to develop or expand.

Download AUT Directions to 2025

Annual report

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AUT’s annual report sets out the University’s performance and information about key events and issues for the year. It gives information about our services, graduates, research and the positive impacts we make for students, staff and stakeholders.

Download 2021 AUT Annual Report
Archived annual reports

AUT Calendar

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The AUT Calendar sets out academic regulations – the requirements for admission to AUT and each course of study. It also describes:

  • Details of AUT courses
  • Academic units and their staff
  • General information about AUT

The AUT Calendar is only available online.

Download full version: Academic Calendar

The Support to Study Code

The Support to Study Code (Health, Wellbeing and Fitness to Study) is a supportive framework used when concerns are raised about the Fitness to Study of an AUT student.

Download AUT's Support to Study Code

Investment plan

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The Investment Plan outlines AUT’s planned activities over three years. It also demonstrates AUT’s value to Auckland and New Zealand and its contribution to meeting the Government’s priorities for tertiary education.

Download AUT’s Investment Plan

Insight: the magazine for AUT alumni

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Insight is the magazine for AUT’s alumni. It covers news about research and innovation, achievements and stories about notable alumni around the world, news and events, and more.

Insight magazine and news (AUT Alumni website)

Contact us

For official information about AUT you can contact:

News media enquiries

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Official Information Act requests

Dr Andrea Vujnovich
Assistant Vice-Chancellor Corporate and General Counsel
Phone: +64 9 921 9958

Statistics and plans

Megan Skinner
Director Strategy & Planning
Phone: +64 9 921 8324

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