Research is a key focus for AUT. We deliver nationally leading research in a number of areas, and value research collaboration with local and international organisations and communities. We constantly create new opportunities to collaborate on research that matters, and our range of diverse research facilities helps attract research partners, research projects and research funding, as well as providing opportunities for postgraduate students.

Spotlight on AUT’s researchers 

Nikola Kasabov

Auckland University of Technology champions people with game changing ideas. Like Professor Nikola Kasabov, the director of the Knowledge Engineering & Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI).

Professor Kasabov's current project, Neulab, focuses on using artificial intelligence to harness the power of big data. His innovative software, NeuCube, can crunch numbers from fields as diverse as physics, euroscience, robotics or seismology; meaning they are developing the ability to predict earthquakes or your chance of having a stroke.