Our UniPrep programme

UniPrep is AUT's free university preparation programme offered over the summer break. It's for students who have completed high school and are considering studying at tertiary level.

This is your opportunity to take hold of your future and be ready for university. It's a full-time, on-campus programme designed to ease you into university life and ensure you get the best possible start by using a mix of academic workshops, team building activities and university life experiences.

Hear from our UniPrep students

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Gabriella is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws, and as a former UniPrep student she shares how it helped develop her leadership. “There were a lot of challenging situations during UniPrep that I never would have imagined myself being in. It gave me the opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone.”
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Maasi is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, and as a former UniPrep student she shares how it helped her find her voice. “As a high school student, transitioning into university there seems to be a lack of support. But with UniPrep, it provided a safe space which built my confidence to lead, speak up, and be more open-minded.”
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Michael is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science, and as a former UniPrep student he shares how he found support in a new space. “I enjoyed the family aspect of it, making new friends and forming new relationships. I feel like I belong to a community of leaders where I can learn and seek support from.”

When is UniPrep?

UniPrep takes place in January and February (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm).

Who is UniPrep for?

If you're currently in Year 13 and unsure about what university life might be like or you would like a head start with your studies, then UniPrep is for you.

What should I expect from UniPrep?

You should expect to have fun! (And learn all about university life while doing it.) Over a number of weeks, you'll take papers, learn study skills, be immersed in team activities and meet lifelong friends in fun challenges. We're confident that by the end you'll be ready for university life.

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