Summer School

Want to do something productive over your summer holiday break? AUT Summer School offers intensive courses between November and February. These courses are open to everyone – even non-AUT students. Summer School is a great way to get ahead, learn something new or gain new skills.

Subjects on offer

The exact papers offered during Summer School change each year. However, you can expect to see a range of subjects offered in different disciplines, from science and business to education and languages.

We release the full list of subjects around October – check back here to find out what's on offer at Summer School 2019/2020.

Why do Summer School?

There are several reasons you might choose to study over summer.

1. Improve your employability

Learning something new to add to your skillset can help you progress in your current job or prepare you for a career change.

2. Learn something new

If you're fascinated by a particular topic area, Summer School can give you the chance to learn more about it with like-minded people in a friendly environment.

3. Fast-track your degree

By studying over summer you can potentially accumulate enough credit points to get ahead and finish your degree a little sooner.

4. Lighten your study load

Taking a couple of subjects at Summer School could mean a reduced study load the following year, freeing up more time for other commitments.

5. Catch up

Sometimes external circumstances can impact your ability to get through the semester. If you failed a subject, Summer School can help you catch up in time for the new year.

Hear from our students

Photo of Natasha Lewis
Photo of Neda Janif
Photo of Natasha Lewis
Natasha Lewis

Industry Experience and Research
"Studying over summer allowed me to finish my double degree in four years and with my peers.""The summer school course I took consisted of doing two internships and learning research techniques, so it was a 50/50 split of industry experience and classroom-based learning. It gave me hands-on experience in the sport and recreation industry and was a great way to make contacts that helped to launch my career.

"I also learnt research methods and data analysis techniques that could be applied to the workplace to explore new ideas or test new opportunities."
Photo of Neda Janif
Neda Janif

Trends & Innovations and Spanish 1A
"I’d recommend Summer School at AUT as it truly is a rich and collaborative learning experience.”Neda loved the collaborative and interactive learning experience of Summer School so much she decided to do it two years in a row. “There are fewer students in the class, classes are more frequent, there is an abundance of learning resources for students, and lecturers and tutors were always available to assist me when approached.

"I’d recommend Summer School at AUT as it truly is a rich and collaborative learning experience.”

How to apply

Applications for Summer School will open when we release the course list, around October 2019. Check back then for details or contact the Student Hub to discuss your programme.

Student Hub: services and support on campus

Course costs

Fees will differ depending on whether you are a domestic or international student. More information about Summer School fees will be available later in the year.