Body composition (anthropometry) courses (ISAK)

These body composition and anthropometry qualifications are taught at and administered by AUT Millennium. Globally recognised by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK), they focus on teaching you the practical skills and knowledge needed to measure a person's body composition using standardised measurement techniques.

You'll gain a range of practical skills used by sport and fitness professionals to profile a client’s body composition. These are essential skills if you want to work with elite athletes as part of a high-performance team, or if you're looking for reliability in your measures of clients.

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Course dates

  • Course level 1 Auckland (3 days), 16 - 18 February 2024
  • Course level 2 Auckland (4 days), 15 - 18 February 2024
  • Course level 3 Auckland (7 days), 12 - 18 February 2024
  • Reaccreditations L1, L2 (1 day), 18 February 2024
  • Reaccreditations L3, L4 (2 days), 17-18 February 2024

All courses run from 9am to 5pm each day.


2024 fees

Total fee

AUT fee

ISAK 4-year membership fee

Manual royalty fee

Level 1 (3 days)





Level 2 (4 days)





Level 3 (7 days)





Level 4 (7 days with teaching in lieu of AUT fee)





Level 1 recertification (1 day)





Level 2 recertification (1 day)





Level 3 recertification (2 days)





Level 4 recertification (2 days)





Please note that we're operating as a ‘Cashless facility'. You need to pay for the ISAK 2024 course you want to study via EFTPOS when you arrive at AUT Millennium. Major credit cards (for example VISA) are also accepted.

The registration fee you need to pay before the course starts includes ISAK accreditation and membership for 4 years.

ISAK accreditation and membership

  • ISAK-accredited anthropometrists must reaccredit before their 4 years expire
  • All ISAK accredited anthropometrists must be members of ISAK

ISAK certificate

Digital certificates are issued by ISAK, upon successful submission of your 20 restricted profiles using the spreadsheet provided. You'll receive an email to notify you of your successful submission.

Post-course requirements to gain certification

Participants are required to collect 20 restricted profiles (subjects) using the spreadsheet provided for submission within 4 months (level 1), or six months (level 2 and 3), from the last day of the course.

Frequently asked questions

Access to the ISAK course manual and learning resources (learning portal) including lecture material.

All equipment for use during the course.

Access to measurement equipment for height, mass, skinfolds, girths and bone breadths is essential for the successful submission of your profiles post-course.

Equipment available for purchase includes:

  • Anthropometry tape $45
  • Bone Caliper $65
  • Skinfold Caliper $80

Please note: EFTPOS transactions only.

  1. Your lunch and drinks daily or alternatively you can purchase them from the on-site café or Subway. Food can be stored in our fridge
  2. A pen and notebook to make notes additional to those provided electronically
  3. A laptop, phone, ipad etc for accessing online course materials
  4. Clothing suitable for body measurements such as sports/lycra shorts, crop top, singlet
  5. Short fingernails for the comfort of the participants in the course

ISAK has defined and approved an international anthropometry accreditation scheme, which is now taught in over 40 countries worldwide.

The scheme involves 4 levels of accreditation which involve varying levels of profiles leading up to instructing courses. Accreditation lasts for four years.

You can book the accommodation rooms at AUT Millennium:

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  • Two bedroom/one bathroom unit
  • Twin share

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