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Our research is focused on key scientific issues of regional and global significance. We aim to engage in scientific innovation and excellence that better enables society to develop in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre

AUT is one of only five Core Research Participants in the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre. This is a AUD$329m 10-year research centre, which will, for the first time bring the aquaculture and renewable energy sectors together to address the challenges of offshore food and energy production, that leverages the benefits of colocation, vertical integration, infrastructure and shared services. To find out more contact Professor Lindsey White.

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Len Gillman
Dr Cassandra Fleming
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Blue Economy research
News pattern
Dr Cassandra Fleming
AUT success with Marsden funding
12 Nov, 2020
Two AUT academics have won 2020 Marsden funding for research projects.
Professor Sebastian Leuzinger
5 questions: Prof. Sebastian Leuzinger
30 Oct, 2020
We asked Professor Sebastian Leuzinger five questions about his research ahead of his Inaugural Professorial Address.
Agathis australis
Indigenous names valuable to science
27 Oct, 2020
Professor Len Gillman says indigenous names for plants and animals should be restored within the scientific naming system.
Dr Bradley Case
Sheep and beef farms near carbon neutral
09 Oct, 2020
AUT research has found New Zealand’s sheep and beef farms are already close to being carbon neutral.
Blue Economy research
$2.7m for offshore aquaculture
29 Sep, 2020
AUT ecologist Dr Kay Vopel is leading a project to develop new protocols for offshore fish farming.
Awanis Azizan
Farhana Muznebin
Milimo Muleya
Helen Hoang
Claire Ellis
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