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Our research is focused on key scientific issues of regional and global significance. We aim to engage in scientific innovation and excellence that better enables society to develop in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre

AUT is one of only five Core Research Participants in the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre. This is a AUD$329m 10-year research centre that will bring the aquaculture and renewable energy sectors together to address the challenges of offshore food and energy production.

To find out more contact Professor Lindsey White.

Visit Blue Economy website

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Nz Trees App
IWD Science
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Supreme Winner Delta Waterways Team - Judges Q&A
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Anchors cause damage to seafloor
18 May, 2022
High-resolution mapping has produced the first ever global estimates of coastal habitat damage caused by anchoring.
Nz Trees App
NZ Trees app gets update
16 Mar, 2022
AUT’s popular NZ Trees app has been updated with more than double the number of native plants now included as well as an offline feature.
IWD Science
Breaking bias must take effort
04 Mar, 2022
In New Zealand, attracting women into science is a major problem. The issue is retaining and enabling them to advance at the same rate as men.
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‘Switching on’ drugs to target disease
08 Feb, 2022
To improve drug treatment outcomes and reduce side effects, researchers are looking for ways to more accurately target drugs to work on diseased cells.
Supreme Winner Delta Waterways Team - Judges Q&A
AUT X Challenge 2021 – The Final Pitch
09 Dec, 2021
Eight teams pitched to win at X Challenge – The Final, competing for a share of the $20,000 cash prize pool and over $10,000 of goods and services.

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