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Our research is focused on key scientific issues of regional and global significance. We aim to engage in scientific innovation and excellence that better enables society to develop in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Andrea Alfaro
Kris Gledhill
Nicola Brasch
Owen Young
Len Gillman
Life on land
Giant squid dissection
Ecologist Dr Nicola Day
Sebastian Leuzinger and Martin Bader doing research with kauri trees
Whale and diver
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Life on land
Recloaking the land
10 Mar, 2020
AUT Science project Living Labs, is researching the best ways to reintroduce native forest to marginal land across New Zealand.
Giant squid dissection
PhD student makes the cut with big squid
26 Feb, 2020
Being hauled from his sleep to dissect a just-caught giant squid was a dream come true for AUT PhD student Ryan Howard.
Ecologist Dr Nicola Day
Climate change report on Nature cover
23 Aug, 2019
AUT applied ecologist Dr Nicola Day has published paper on climate change in Nature which features on the cover.  
Sebastian Leuzinger and Martin Bader doing research with kauri trees
Younger trees keep older kauri alive
26 Jul, 2019
AUT scientists conduct study of how a kauri stump is keeping itself alive by holding onto the roots of neighbouring trees.
Whale and diver
Tongan whales affected by tourism
18 Jul, 2019
AUT research shows that the intensive swim-with-whale tourism in Tonga is disturbing natural behaviour patterns.