Research in language and culture

We pride ourselves on delivering ground-breaking research in all areas of language and culture. Our students and staff are involved in a range of research projects, and we have close links with research centres across AUT.

Visiting scholars

Join our Visiting Scholars Programme, and share ideas with AUT researchers and students.

New AUT Professors
Professor Tarling
Rosa Kalauni smiling in front of a classroom whiteboard.
62% increase in AUT researchers
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New AUT Professors
New Professors and Associate Professors
30 Nov, 2020
Nine academics have been appointed to the position of Professor, effective from 1 January 2021. 19 academics have been appointed as Associate Professors.
Professor Tarling
A new $10,000 PhD scholarship
03 Nov, 2020
A new scholarship worth $10,000 will support a student starting or undertaking their PhD at AUT in a topic focused on Southeast Asia.
Rosa Kalauni smiling in front of a classroom whiteboard.
Hope for the Niuean language in Aotearoa
23 Oct, 2020
Learning the Niuean language and the culture embedded within it can bring identity and self-esteem, AUT alumna Rosa Kalauni says.
How our language helped contain COVID-19
19 May, 2020
NZ contained COVID-19. Direct and kind words on signage helped, writes Dr Nelly Martin-Anatias.
62% increase in AUT researchers
62% increase in AUT researchers
30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world
Mary Wilkins
Anh Dinh
Rohan Willis
Chien-ju Ting
Alena Shannaq
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