Scanning Electron Microscope

The scanning electron microscope facility is situated within the School of Engineering, in Room 113 on the ground floor of the WZ Building at 34 St Paul Street on AUT’s City Campus.

General information as to the capabilities of the SEM, as well as sample and administration requirements can be found here. More specific requirements related to your project or samples can be discussed in depth during your initial consultation.

Accessing the Scanning Electron Microscope Facility

Before planning or commencing any SEM related work it is recommended that potential users (internal and external) contact the facility coordinator Patrick Conor to discuss their project requirements and objectives. The best sample preparation techniques will be discussed, as will whether the proposed work is achievable and/or likely to result in the desired outcomes. It is highly recommended (and much appreciated) that you do a bit of independent research and  bring to initial discussions examples of published work or methodologies conducted in similar research areas to your own, if any exist.


For all SEM bookings and sample preparation assistance please contact Patrick Conor (09 921 9999 ext 8863) or Marcel Schaefer (09 921 9999 ext 6943). Availability will depend on current demand and individual client needs in regards to timeframes and deadlines.

Please contact the facility coordinators for more information.

Patrick Conor at 09 921 9999 ext 8863
Marcel Schaefer at 09 921 9999 ext 6943

Download information about the Scanning Electron Microscope.