Academic staff

In this section:

Heads of schools and administration in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences

Interim Head of School

Tek Tjing Lie

Associate Head of School (Research)

Peter Chong

Associate Head of School (External Engagement)

William Wong

Heads of Departments

Boon-Chong Seet - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Jiling Cao - Mathematical Sciences

Masud Khan - Mechanical Engineering

Minh Nguyen - Computer Science and Software Engineering

External Engagement

Leanne Bint – Manager, Engagement & Wellbeing

Julia Ma - Director of Women in Technology

Programme Directors

Jack Xuejun Li - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Anubha Kalra - Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Sira Yongchareon - Doctoral Studies

Catherine Sweatman - Bachelor of Science (Analytics, Astronomy and Space Science, and Mathematical Modelling and Computation)

Matthew Kuo - Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences

Renu Choudhary - Certificate in Science and Technology

Weihua Li - Postgraduate Studies

Programme Advisors

Alastair Nisbet - Master of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Ashwin Polishetty - Master of Engineering

Ji Ruan - Master of Computer and Information Sciences

Nuttanan Wichitaksorn - Master of Analytics

Sam Madanian - Master of Information Technology Project Management

Academic Advisors

Kenneth Johnson – BCIS, Computer Science

Akbar Ghobakhlou - BCIS, Data Science

Raymond Lutui - BCIS, Networks and Cybersecurity

Tet Chuan Lee - BE (Hons), Mechanical Engineering

Lorenzo Garcia - BE (Hons), Mechatronic Engineering

Martin Stommel - BE (Hons), Software Engineering

Hamid Gholamhosseini - BE(Hons), Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Junior Nomani - BE(Hons), Maritime Engineering

Jeff Kilby - BEngTech, Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Maximiano Ramos - BEngTech, Mechanical Engineering

Wei Qi Yan – BCIS, Software Development

Kien Tran – BCIS, Digital Services