Research expertise in education

There is a great depth and range of research expertise in the School of Education at AUT. Below you will find a short synopsis of the research interests and expertise that exists within our school.

Dr Nesta Devine

Nesta Devine. Professor

Research expertise: Philosophy of education: policy studies; Pasifika studies in education; Foucault; Derrida; Public choice theory.

Dr Andrew Gibbons

Andrew Gibbons. Associate Professor

Research expertise: Philosophy, Technology, Education, Politics.

Dr Georgina Stewart

Georgina stewart. Associate Professor

Research expertise: Autoethnography, Critical discourse analysis (CDA), Kaupapa Māori research, Māori education, Narrative research, Philosophy of education, Science education.

Jennie Billot

Jennie Billot. Associate Professor

Research expertise: Higher Education; Educational Leadership; Academic Identity; Postgraduate Education and Supervision; Researcher Development; Interdisciplinary Research.

Dr Leon Benade

Leon Benade. Director Research; Senior Lecturer

Philosophy of education; policy studies; curriculum analysis; knowledge economy; ethics; organisation and educational leadership; research theory.

Dr Ross Bernay

Ross Bernay. Deputy Head of School; Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Mindfulness for teachers, stress reduction. Career, career counselling, career assessment, professional standards, career theory.

Dr Sue Sutherland

Sue Sutherland. Senior Lecturer; Associate Head of School (South Campus)

Research expertise: Mentoring, low SES schooling, initial teacher education, sociology of education, policy studies, the visual arts in education.

Neil Boland

Neil Boland. Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Steiner Waldorf education, education through the arts, alternative education, spirituality in education.

Dr Carrie Swanson


Primary science, dramatic inquiry (or drama-based learning), Mantle of the Expert.

Dr Ruth Boyask

Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Changing nature of public education, its policy and practice; systems of schooling; school governance; educational decision-making; knowledge mobilisation; and the utilisation of educational research. Theoretical frameworks include public sphere theory, critical theory, policy sociology and pragmatism. Methodologies include case study, global ethnography, policy analysis, survey and comparative methods

Dr Jyoti Jhagroo

Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Phenomenological research of lived experiences, practice-based research, practitioner inquiry, mathematics education, and immigrant experiences.

Dr Megan Lourie

Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Sociology of education; policy studies; political economy; bicultural education policy, Maori language learning in mainstream school settings.

John Milne

John Milne. Senior Lecturer

Metacognition in reading, Narrative understandings of good readers, Verbal protocol analysis

Dr Lynette Reid

Lynette Reid. Senior Lecturer

Indigenous models and practices within the career development and education field; Indigenous career practitioners; Organisational career management and the convergence with career counselling models and theories.

Dr Howard Youngs

Howard Youngs. Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Educational leadership, distributed and shared  forms of leadership, Leadership-as-Practice, Critical Leadership Studies, mixed  methods research design, case study research.

Toni Ingram

Alison Smith. Lecturer

Research expertise: Gender, sexualities and schooling; Femininities; New materialism; Feminist post-structuralism; Posthumanist research practices.

Dr Adrian Schoone

Senior Lecturer

Research expertise: Phenomenological pedagogy, the arts in education, poetic inquiry, alternative and non-formal education, tutor pedagogy, youth studies, social pedagogy, education and development studies, and Pacific education.

Alison Smith

Alison Smith. Lecturer

Research expertise: Educational Leadership; student voice and agency; appraisal; leadership development; school 'image'; coaching and mentoring.

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