Student-run PR consultancy: Outside the Square

Outside the Square is the only student-based PR consultancy giving pro-bono help to not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand. It’s also your chance to put what you’ve learnt at AUT into practice on a real project.

Need help with a PR project?

Are you a not-for-profit organisation (or a consultant with a pro-bono client) with a PR challenge you need to tackle? Our student-run PR agency, Outside the Square, may be able to help.

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Demonstrate your skills on a real project

Each year, final-year PR students run their own PR agency. This is your chance to work from start to finish on a real PR project and demonstrate your skills and creativity.

The number of repeat clients we get is an indication of how successful these projects are. Lots of past projects have won PRINZ awards for professionalism and successful outcomes.

Design and implement your plan

You’ll work on a voluntary basis – either with a not-for-profit client, or in partnership with a PR consultancy.

In a team of four to five students, you will draw up and implement a strategic communication plan. You’ll generate publicity, plan an event or activity, or even launch a product.

Mentoring and support

OTS is run as closely as possible to a real-life PR agency: you will work as an account executive, with AUT staff in director roles.

You’ll also get support from an external PR professional, who will mentor you throughout your project. Regular workshops and work-in-progress meetings help make sure your project is running on track.

Directors (AUT staff)

Deepti Bhargava (APR)
Dr Averill Gordon (APR)
Dr Pip Mules
Dr Angelique Nairne
Dr Petra Theunissen (APR)