Portfolio guidelines: applying to study architecture

Applying for the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments? You should submit a portfolio as part of your application, showing evidence of your design and creative interests.

Portfolio format

The portfolio must be in PDF format and no bigger than 20MB.

You can develop your images and text in any format – eg hand drawings, photographs, Photoshop, Word, CAD, etc – but then convert them into one PDF file.

Video files should be linked to YouTube.

What to include in your portfolio

Make sure you include:

  • 12 to 20 pages of your own drawings, designs, models, compositions and/or other creative works that demonstrate your interest in buildings, spaces, landscapes, people or designed objects
  • You may also include evidence of interests in related fields like arts, design, sciences, technology, music, creative writing, coding or games, if appropriate
  • Evidence of a variety of techniques and media (ie different ways of designing, drawing, visualising and making, both by hand and digitally)

Include a cover letter

This one-page written statement should outline your background, interests and achievements, design aspirations or career goals.

This should be the first page of your portfolio.

Material you could include:

  • Material from visual arts, design and communications subjects at school, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, moving images or games
  • Projects from science, technology, creative writing or music subjects (if appropriate)
  • Work done outside of school – we want to see your own thinking
  • Exploratory studies (or work in progress) as well as finished work

Don’t include drawings copied from photographs.

Submitting your portfolio after applying to AUT

If you are not ready to submit your portfolio with your application to AUT, then you can upload your portfolio through your Arion account at a later date.

We recommend that you submit your portfolio alongside your online application to study the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments.

To submit your portfolio through your Arion account

  1. Log in to your Arion account using the username and password sent to you by AUT.
  2. Go to Academic Details > Student Documents
  3. Click on Add Document
  4. Click on Browse - Select Portfolio - Upload

You will then be able to upload your portfolio to your application.

Log in to Arion

Problems uploading your portfolio?

If you have a problem uploading your portfolio (eg due to file size limitations) contact the Student Hub.

The file size must not exceed 20MB.

For more information or assistance

Contact the Student Hub:

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