Sustainable Enterprise

Sustainable enterprise is about business of the future. Sustainability triggers innovation and creativity, new forms of entrepreneurship and participative people management. In focusing on the role of business and organisations to support both social and environmental sustainability, this minor gives you the skills to work successfully in, as well as question, the current socio-economic system.

You learn to strategise as sustainability involves long-term planning. You learn to engage and negotiate with a wide range of stakeholders, including community, retailers, suppliers, consumers and NGOs. You learn to take a stand and get others on board. Sustainable enterprise informs consumer choices, provides community services, drives environmental projects, and transforms organisational strategies and practices.

Available as a minor only.

Minor must include

60 points from courses listed below including at least one of SUSE501, SUSE602 or SUSE701, and at least 15 points at level 7.