Providing certified digital documents through an online verification platform

The AUT Admissions team may ask you for academic transcripts and graduation certificates during the application process.

If have previously studied at AUT

If you studied at AUT, you don't need to provide your AUT results as the Admissions team already has access to this information.

If you studied at another institution

You can provide your non-AUT academic documents at the time you submit your application, or later in the application process if you're asked to do so by the Admissions team.

Online verification platforms you can use

AUT accepts certified digital academic documents from these online verification platforms:

How to share your credentials with us

The process to share your credentials with us is similar for all of the above platforms.

  1. Log into your digital platform account
  2. Select the documents you want to share and click “SHARE”
  3. Select “Send my documents to a registered organisation”
  4. Select “Auckland University of Technology (AUT)” and fill out the required details.
  5. Submit

What happens next?

The Admissions office will be notified that you have shared your documents once you have completed the process, and will then assess your documents and advise you of the next steps.

How to get more help

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