Sumit Behal

Sumit Behal

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management student

Sumit Behal’s interest in successful business strategies is what drove him to enrol in AUT’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the strategies of great business leaders to improve productivity by encouraging and implementing change in an organisation. This led me to choose AUT’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management as I aspire to become a great leader in business one day.

“Once I’ve completed this eight-month programme in October this year, I want to implement my learnings from AUT in the business world to provide impeccable results for my future organisation.”

Relevant and supportive
AUT is a multicultural university that focuses on both theoretical and practical knowledge, says Sumit who came to AUT as an international student from India.

“At AUT, we have assignments that can be closely related to current business scenarios. Along with practical learning, we can meet students from all over the world, and learn from different cultures and their experiences. The university has managed to get a spot among the top universities in the world.

“As AUT facilitates ‘out of the box’ thinking, I would highly recommend my AUT course to other students who want to make an impact on the business world. This programme gives you the freedom to have an open mind and have a holistic view towards the business environment.”

He appreciates the support provided by the academic staff.

“Our lecturers are supportive and provide the right guidance to develop the habit of critical thinking. They also supported me when I had some problems with writing assignments. I was in big trouble as the majority of my grade depends on these assessments. I’m grateful to my lecturers who worked on my writing by giving different examples to write an efficient essay. This is the reason I’ve received A grades in most of my assignments.”

Events and opportunities
The experience at AUT has been amazing, says Sumit.

“There are numerous events conducted around the year. Participating in such events helps students network and improve their skills. The Employability Lab also offers various jobs and internships and has numerous sessions students can participate in, from tailoring their CV to improving their LinkedIn profile.”

Sumit has managed to land one such internship, and will be joining the Auckland District Health Board next month.

“My internship is in the Auckland District Health Board’s Enterprise Portfolio Management Office, and the role is responsible for implementing the ‘Community of Practice’ in the organisation to facilitate learning among the employees. I got this opportunity through the Employability Lab and the internship will last for two months. I’m very excited to work for such a huge organisation.”

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