Sheena Sheetal Kumar

Sheena Sheetal Kumar

International 3PL Coordinator, T2 Tea, Melbourne
Bachelor of Business in Information Systems

She enjoys learning about her company’s various teas and other products, says Sheena Sheetal Kumar who completed a Bachelor of Business in Information Systems, with a minor in Supply Chain Management, and now works at the T2 Tea head office in Melbourne.

“I find it interesting how teas are made and the processes to import and export tea to different countries. As T2 Tea’s international 3PL coordinator, my role is heavily focused on our international markets – Singapore, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. I make sure that everything related to international exports and distribution runs smoothly.

“I’m responsible for the effective receipt order processing, and the accuracy of inventory and customer service functions across all third party logistics partners in our international markets. This includes driving T2’s continuous improvement programme across all areas of responsibility and doing my own international stocktake.”

The company culture is one of the things she loves most about her role.

“Since joining T2, I’ve really enjoyed the company culture here. The team is welcoming towards everyone, regardless of someone’s age, race, gender or other aspects. I’m a goal-oriented, self-motivated individual who has always seen the bigger picture and goes after what she wants. I have strong people skills, am able to strike a conversation with anyone, am always up for a challenge and love to learn new things.

“I love having the opportunity to learn more about the whole supply chain process, and enjoy learning how to improve on my soft and hard skills. Because I specialised in business information systems and supply chain management at university, this year I’ll also be working closely with senior leaders to digitise our existing processes.”

Choosing AUT
Sheena says that deciding to study business at university was easy.

“The world has transitioned from the industrial age to the new information era, and I wanted to study something that would aid in the growth of our economy in the future. I picked business information systems and supply chain management because the world is continuing to change, and this combination gives me an idea of all the opportunities that can arise. Knowing how the supply chain works from start to finish, and how to incorporate information systems into the mix is critical.

“Throughout my studies, I’ve gained an understanding of key components of information systems –people, hardware, software, networks, data – and how these are integrated and managed for business operations, decision making, collaboration and competitive advantage. I’ve understood how to use information systems with a holistic systems approach for supply chain management and logistics, and how to apply effective strategies and best practices to make improvements.”

It's a decision she certainly hasn’t regretted.

“I absolutely loved the AUT culture. AUT cares about its students and the university is welcoming to everyone. My lecturers provided me with all the resources I needed and gave my helpful feedback to point me in the right direction. The classes were creative and made us feel engaged and comfortable to speak their minds. I found that I wasn’t competing with my peers but rather competing with myself to become the best version of myself.

“One of my academic highlights was that some of my assignments were used as exemplars for future classes on what an A+ answer looks like. Another thing I was particularly proud of was that AUT identified me as an academically outstanding student in the 2021 summer and 2022 winter graduation group. As one of AUT’s outstanding business students I received an invitation to join the international business honours society Beta Gamma Sigma where I was rewarded with a certificate of honour in recognition of higher achievement.”

Advice for other students
Sheena, who completed her studies in 2021, has some great advice for other students.

“Study what you enjoy. Your time is limited, so don’t spend it living someone else’s dream. Always give everything a go and never give up; your future self will thank you for it later.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re looking after a job after graduation, she adds.

“Not every company wants the person who has all the skills and three plus years of experience. Some companies want the person who is willing to give it go, has a positive attitude, and is willing to learn and continue to grow their mindset. Don’t be hard on yourself.”