Michael McCarroll

Michael McCarroll

Programme Manager, Transpower New Zealand Ltd
Master of Engineering Project Management student

His studies have helped him realise his passion for improving the current ways of working in the New Zealand engineering industry, says Michael McCarroll who is studying a Master of Engineering Project Management at AUT.

“I decided to study this master’s degree to improve my engineering understanding from a management and project management perspective to put me in a better position to lead teams and improve the engineering sector I work in.”

Expecting to complete his studies in 2022, Michael already has a good idea how he would like to apply his newfound understanding of engineering management.

“After I finish my degree, I intend to continue working in the engineering industry, and would like to move into managerial roles where I can drive change within organisations around business improvement. I want to contribute to improving the productivity and efficiency of our industry. “

Balancing study and work
Because he is balancing studying part-time with his full-time job at Transpower New Zealand Ltd in Wellington, Michael is grateful for the flexibility his degree has offered.

“AUT has been extremely accommodating in making sure that I can complete my studies by studying part-time and remotely to fit my degree around my job. AUT has made sure the tools were in place so I could study when it suited me best, and they been very accommodating on how I present my assignments when a face-to-face presentation would be the preference.”

He has been impressed by the calibre of AUT’s academic staff.

“AUT has excellent research and teaching staff in the engineering department. That’s what attracted me to AUT in the first place, even though I’m based in Wellington.

“I appreciate that the teaching staff have given me great flexibility in terms of the specific areas I research for my master’s degree thesis and assignments. Dr Jeff Seadon in particular has been great at guiding me on my journey and getting me thinking about wider problems and the potential applications of my research. This has helped me greatly as it means my study is directly benefitting my career goals and benefitting my current employer.”

Advice for other students
Michael’s advice for other students is simple: give further study a go.

“It’s very easy to complete your undergraduate degree and not go back for further tertiary study, but further study will not only help your career but will also widen your ways of thinking and contribute to your continual improvement.”

He says that he would highly recommend AUT’s Master of Engineering Project Management.

“The programme has helped me think in different ways and look at the bigger picture. I’m confident that these skills will benefit me greatly as my career progresses.”

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