Matthew Broadbent

Matthew Broadbent

Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies student

Living on campus makes it so much easier to engage in a wide range of campus activities and events, says psychotherapy student Matthew Broadbent who is living in the Akoranga Student Village.

“The Akoranga Student Village often has activities like pizza nights, board games nights, and movie nights, which are so fun for study breaks and reconnecting with people from the village.

“It’s handy if you’re studying at the AUT North Campus, and being just a short walk away from classes, libraries and other university facilities saves time and energy. I can easily access resources, attend lectures and participate in extracurricular activities without worrying about commuting long distances.”

He would highly recommend living in student accommodation.

“Many students recommend living in student accommodation as it provides a unique opportunity to be part of a close-knit community and make lifelong friendships. Living on or near campus also offers convenience in terms of accessing university facilities and resources. It's important to consider your personal preferences and budget when you’re choosing your accommodation.”

Building a strong foundation
Currently enrolled in a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies, Matthew is excited about his future career in the field of psychotherapy.

“I want to positively impact the lives of individuals struggling with mental health challenges. Through one-on-one or group therapy sessions, I aim to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions and experiences. My goal is to help them develop self-awareness, achieve personal growth and overcome their mental health obstacles.”

He very much enjoys the practical nature of AUT's programmes.

“AUT emphasizes real-life applications and industry connections. I’ve found that the university offers a comprehensive curriculum, a supportive learning environment and a strong foundation for future practice. The hands-on approach to learning is unique to AUT and I feel that it has greatly increased my abilities in psychotherapy.

“The university also promotes collaboration and teamwork, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. Additionally, AUT is known for its research and innovation, providing opportunities for students to contribute to cutting-edge projects. I’m excited about that as I’m planning to continue studying in the master's programme in psychotherapy.”

Supported to thrive
Having come to AUT as an adult student after previously completing a degree in a different field, Matthew is feeling well supported at AUT.

“Orientation week was definitely a highlight where AUT offered many activities and chances to meet new people with a bunch of freebies, a mechanical bull, a gladiator tournament and other activities that gave us all great entertainment while getting to know each other.

“AUT also offers a supportive and inclusive campus environment where students can connect with likeminded peers and participate in events and workshops related to mental health and counselling. I appreciate that the student support staff are super knowledgeable and helpful.”

He also has some great advice for other students.

“Be open to new experiences and make the most of your time at AUT. You never know what a new connection might lead to. Tūwhitia te hopo, mairangatia te angitū!”