Mary-Ellen Redmayne

Mary-Ellen Redmayne

Founder/Director, The Foot Stop Podiatry Services, Gold Coast, Australia
Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)

She loves the positive impact her work has on her community, says AUT podiatry alumna Mary-Ellen Redmayne who now runs The Foot Stop Podiatry Services; a highly successful podiatry clinic on Australia’s Gold Coast.

“I love that thousands of people in our communities have better foot health, are better educated, have improved clinical outcomes, are more independent and have a better quality of life as a direct outcome of our services.

“I also really enjoy being involved in the regulation and advocacy of our profession. I’m passionate about constantly improving and growing the profession. I sit on a few governing boards, including the Australia, New Zealand Leadership Forum (ANZLF) and the Australian Podiatry Association to ensure our profession is moving forward and well represented in both New Zealand and Australia.”

Mary-Ellen moved to Australia in 2010, after graduating from AUT, and started her podiatry business in 2014. In 2019, she received a Queensland Young Businesswoman of the Year Award, recognising her commitment to the community and her new approach to traditional business.

“I saw a huge need to provide home-based podiatry care to the most isolated people in our communities; the elderly and disabled. When we started, we realised how imperative our role was, and how many people we were helping, and soon grew to service everyone from stay-at-home mums to FIFO workers. We also have a clinic where the community can access services. We now have a large team of podiatrists and admin staff, and provide over 13,000 visits per year. I’m so proud of that, and of growing our empire while raising a family.”

From fresh-faced student to confident health professional
Her journey into podiatry first started in 2008 when she came to AUT to enrol in a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry).

“I wanted to pursue a career in health that was well specialised while still having a large scope of practice. Podiatry fitted that description perfectly. I started off the podiatry training fresh-faced and ready to learn, which was so easy to do as there is a lot of support and comradery in both the student cohort and the staff.”

AUT has a great set-up for its health degrees, Mary-Ellen says.

“From the on-site clinical practice to world-class lecturers, it’s no wonder that AUT podiatry graduates are so passionate and equipped to succeed. For me, the highlight was learning clinical skills alongside our academic workload. It gives you a solid foundation to learn from, and helps you grow as a practitioner from early on in your training.

“I also loved having the opportunity to be involved in a study that compared the reliability of 3D digital scanning to plaster casting in 2010. This was ground-breaking research at the time, and was published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.”

Advice for other students
Mary-Ellen has some great advice for other students dreaming of a career in podiatry.

“Don’t be afraid to be different! A point of difference and a passion for your profession is all you need to be a great clinician. Surround yourself with other likeminded professionals, and always ask for help – we can learn so much from each other.

“Podiatry is such a great allied health profession due to the huge scope of practice, and that scope is always growing. It can be a challenging business but ultimately it’s very rewarding when you stop to take a look at what you’ve achieved, especially as health businesses are an essential part of improving our communities.”

She has been impressed by the calibre of AUT podiatry alumni, says Mary-Ellen who has employed a number of AUT graduates over the years.

“AUT podiatry graduates are confident, and have great clinical skills and ‘real’ experience. They’re driven to succeed, can articulate when they need help, have strong goals and have a positive mindset. I’m proud to be an AUT graduate as I know it puts me in a high esteem – and for the same reason, I love hiring new AUT podiatry graduates into our practice every year. Nine out of the 11 podiatrists we have working with us are AUT graduates.”