Madison Tibbits

Madison Tibbits

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Management and Leadership & Marketing

“I love the constantly evolving nature of business and the resulting opportunities for continuous growth”, says Madison Tibbits who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Management and Leadership & Marketing.

“I chose marketing and management to develop a strong foundation for a successful career in business. AUT's business degree offers a wide range of study options, so you can tailor your degree to suit your interests, which will guide you into a career you love. The lecturers are enthusiastic and have a real desire to help you achieve success.

“For me, a defining moment was studying a marketing course on consumer behaviour. I was filled with an intense passion for the subject and found myself eagerly raising my hand to answer every question posed by the teaching assistant. It was at that moment I knew without a doubt that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, particularly related to my personal interests in healthcare or veterinary products.”

She says her time at AUT has been incredibly fulfilling.

“AUT’s impressive education ranking and history of producing successful graduates resonated with my own ambition to achieve academic excellence. I also found the support at AUT to be exceptional and easily accessible, resulting in a smooth enrolment process and transition from high school to university. What I’ve found most enjoyable about my studies is the diverse range of assignments. Each task has presented unique challenges, allowing me to constantly test and expand my abilities.”

Making valuable connections
One of the things Madison most enjoyed about her time at university was being able to do an internship with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare.

“During one of my marketing tutorials, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare hosted an outstanding virtual presentation, showcasing their company and graduate positions. I was thoroughly impressed by the company's strong sense of purpose and their graduate programme. Despite not meeting the eligibility criteria for a graduate role as I still had two semesters of study left, I reached out to inquire about any work experience opportunities available. I was fortunate enough to secure a summer internship role!

“During my internship with the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare marketing operations team I worked in a support role, mainly focusing on branding. One of the most significant projects I worked on was an individual branding project, where I conducted research and put together a final report and oral presentation. I loved having the opportunity to network and collaborate with marketing experts across the company.”

She says the experience has provided her with a great foundation of new knowledge and skills.

“I was exposed to an incredible workplace culture and created strong connections with many talented individuals across the business. I’ve gained more confidence in myself, driven by the incredible amount of encouragement and support from the marketing operations team. My internship led to an extended contract to cover my final-year workplace experience and I was also offered a graduate position to take up once I successfully complete my degree.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final semester of her degree, Madison has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“Creating a balanced study schedule and having a strong support system is the key for academic success. You can achieve this by managing your time outside of class effectively. Plan each semester out to be able to meet crucial deadlines and prioritise your studies. To create a supportive network, form connections with like-minded students in your classes and with your lecturers, and make use of all the resources provided to you.”

She would also strongly recommend searching for full-time internships during summer breaks or part-time during the year.

“Internships not only offer valuable work experience, but also expand your professional networks and can lead to permanent employment opportunities.”