Lakshmi Nambiar

Lakshmi Nambiar

1st-year student, Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy)

Akoranga Student Village is a safe and convenient option if you’re studying at the AUT North Campus, says Lakshmi Nambiar who came to AUT from India to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy).

“It’s very close to the university and easier to get to classes at the North Campus. Furthermore, it’s safe. I like that it’s really peaceful with all the greenery, which helps you focus on your uni work.”

She would recommend living in student accommodation to other students, especially international students.

“Moving to a foreign country can be a scary experience. Living in student accommodation provides the safety one needs to feel to be a bit more relaxed, and it makes things less stressful. Having the residential assistants in the student accommodation available for support with settling in is helpful, and the events held at the accommodation make it a lot easier to make friends.”

A passion for physiotherapy
Currently in the first year of her Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy), Lakshmi says studying physiotherapy was an obvious choice for her.

“As a child, I was exposed to physiotherapy due to my dad getting many sport injuries that required him to attend physiotherapy sessions. Seeing my father go from barely being able to walk without support to jogging on the treadmill with no problems just by continuously going for his physiotherapy sessions truly impacted me.

“Throughout high school, I went for internships at physiotherapy clinics to gain a better understanding of the degree, and I realised that physiotherapy was what I saw myself doing in the future. I chose AUT because its degree gives you exposure to working in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics. This hands-on experience is pivotal for becoming a physiotherapist.”

She has thoroughly enjoyed her studies so far.

“Every day I’m learning something interesting – either from a lecture, a tutorial or a course resource. That makes me really enjoy learning, and it gives me satisfaction that I’m increasing my knowledge each day.  On top of that, having  access to support to understand anything that may be confusing really aids in the learning process.”

Advice for other students
Lakshmi’s advice for other students is simple: have patience with the process of settling in.

“There are going to be days of being low and feeling homesick. On those days, try and take it easy and recognise it’s part of the process of settling in.”

The people and events on campus make it easy to meet other students and make friends, she adds.

“People here are super friendly and nice, and don’t let anyone feel ostracised and out of place. That’s important for an international student. The events on campus are also a great way to break the ice and make some friends.”