Fabienne Fehr

Fabienne Fehr

Study Abroad student from Switzerland

She enjoys living so close to the university, says Fabienne Fehr, a Study Abroad student from Switzerland who is staying in Te Āhuru Mayoral Drive Student Accommodation at the AUT City Campus.

“It’s very close to AUT and I like the infrastructure of the accommodation. I’m glad that I have my own room with a bathroom attached that I don’t have to share. My room is small but comfortable and has everything I need.

“Although I don’t use it often, the common area within Te Āhuru Mayoral Drive Student Accommodation is a very nice place to socialise with table soccer, a pool table and table tennis. I also appreciate the small gestures, for example there is free fruit for students every second Friday. I really enjoy staying here and for me it’s worth the money due to the location and the infrastructure.”

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Fabienne – who is studying business information systems at Zurich University of Applied Sciences – says coming to New Zealand through the Study Abroad programme was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her.

“With the Study Abroad programme, I have the chance to see a new country and its culture while working on my English skills and completing a semester for my degree. I’m trying to travel around as much as possible, and it’s absolutely worth it. There are many beautiful places in and around Auckland that are a must-do while being here.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying at AUT to other international students.

“AUT is quite young but it’s a good university where one can gain knowledge in different fields. The courses are well-structured, and the lecturers I have are really competent and passionate in their fields. That makes studying these courses way more gripping.

“I really enjoy the campus life and all the possibilities I have here. Everything is so close – the gym, cafés, the library, lecture halls etc. Conveniently, even my accommodation is on campus and I only need five minutes to get to my lectures. I also like that international students are well-supported if they need help and there are many contact points if you need support.”

Advice for other students
Fabienne has some great advice for other international students thinking about studying in New Zealand.

“I know university can get quite stressful and time-consuming, but always remember that time will fly by and suddenly this adventure is over. So enjoy it as much as possible, and don’t let the assignment pressure stop you from seeing as much of the Kiwi culture and this beautiful country as possible. Say yes to new opportunities, even if they seem scary at first.”

Her other piece of advice is simple: don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“Don’t be scared to reach out if you need help. The uni provides a big support system, and the lecturers are open if you have any questions or worries about a course.”