Esther Sarah Fanene

Esther Sarah Fanene

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Marketing with a minor in Event Management

Studying business opens doors to a lot of different industries, says Esther Sarah Fanene who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Marketing with a minor in Event Management.

“I’d definitely recommend AUT’s Bachelor of Business to others as business skills tie into various career paths like hospitality and tourism, law, media and communications, retail, healthcare management, non-profit organisations or social enterprise. I initially studied a travel and tourism course, which involved a bit of marketing. I discovered how much I enjoyed it, and found myself wanting to learn more about marketing and the business industry.”

She loves the flexibility her business degree offers her and enjoys being able to study event management as part of her degree as well.

“Being able to customise my course selection has been a huge plus. AUT offers a wide range of subjects and elective courses you can include in your degree, so I could tailor my studies to match my interests and career goals. In the beginning of the programme, I completed four core courses, which gave me an understanding of the business world and helped me decide which subjects excite me.

“I chose marketing as my major and event management as my minor, and have enjoyed taking courses on creativity and design thinking, managing and organising, digital media and event planning. Eventually, I’d like to have a career in digital marketing, or marketing for music festivals or the art industries.”

Choosing AUT
For Esther, deciding to come to AUT for her studies was easy.

“I decided to pursue my studies at AUT because of how adaptable and comfortable the environment is. It’s not as intimidating as some other universities. Classes aren’t so big, so it’s easy to interact with your classmates and make new friends. The lecturers are amazing teachers, and it’s easy to ask them questions. They don’t bite. There are also lots of ways for students to get help academically and financially, and there are facilities for everyone to use, like the library, study rooms or prayer rooms.”

It's a decision she certainly hasn’t regretted and she is thoroughly enjoying her time at AUT.

“I enjoy the learning opportunities available at AUT. I’m able to explore new subjects, and acquire new skills and knowledge in my field. I also like the social connections – I get to meet people with diverse backgrounds and form friendships. I love that we have access to campus facilities and resources like the Student Hub, ICT services, computer rooms, libraries and sports facilities. These enhance our learning experience and contribute to our overall wellbeing and success as students.

“I’ve also appreciated having the option to switch between full-time and part-time study. As someone juggling multiple responsibilities, it's a relief to be able to balance my studies with work and personal commitments. This flexibility has taken away a lot of the stress that comes with managing a tight timetable. I can create a study plan that suits me best and keeps me on track without feeling overwhelmed. It's made my life a whole lot easier.”

Advice for other students
Currently in the second year of her studies, Esther has some great advice for other students.

“Keep going forward and don’t stop, no matter the pace, so you don’t miss out on all the opportunities that await you.”

There’s also a quote her brothers told her that she would like to share with others.

“You’re not defeated when you fall down, but you are defeated when you stay down. So pick yourself up and keep going forward.”