Alex Mazzone-Pitt

Alex Mazzone-Pitt

Graduate, ANZ
Bachelor of Business in Economics

He is proud of being chosen for ANZ’s sought-after graduate programme, says Alex Mazzone-Pitt who completed a Bachelor of Business at AUT in 2021.

“These roles can be very competitive, so to be chosen for the graduate programme is an achievement. The programme sees me rotating around five different institutional areas of the bank. Currently, I’m doing a lot of research and analysis, while learning about our customers and how we help them.

“I really enjoy challenging myself by learning new things and getting outside of my comfort zone. The graduate programme allows me to do this as I’m with a new team every three months, helping our customers from different parts of ANZ. I’m looking forward to experiencing each rotation before landing on my final role in this organisation.”

The right university environment
Alex still has fond memories of his time at AUT and says he was impressed by the academic staff.

“The lecturers were incredible. Having smaller classes enabled me to form better relationships with the lecturers, and I didn’t feel like a number at any point as I had done in previous studies. Dr Pik Yi Lydia Cheung in particular was a huge inspiration – she has such a passion for economics that it's infectious. Even if it was an 8am lecture, Lydia was full of energy and you’d leave the class buzzing.”

Coming to AUT was the second time he tried his hand at university study, he admits.

“I tried to study straight after high school, but I didn’t enjoy it and decided to stop. Three years later, I decided to go back to university and started researching business degrees. I found that AUT was the best match and offered a range of interesting core courses. I was actually going to study marketing, but in my first semester Dr Stephanie Rossouw came into our Economics and Society lecture and started plugging for economics. After this, I started researching economics and, seeing the enthusiasm of our lecturers, I decided to major in it.

“Before studying at AUT I never thought of myself as someone who could excel in their studies, so to make the dean’s honours list in both 2019 and in 2020, and being named the top graduate in economics and top graduate in the Co-operative Education course was amazing.”

Advice for other students
Alex has some great advice for other students.

“Ask questions – you’re in a learning environment, so make the most of the very talented people around you.”

Don’t compare yourself to others, he adds.

“We all have different backgrounds and pathways and as long as you’re trying your best, that’s what counts.”