Canvas submitting assessments

When you're ready, you can submit your assessment for AUT course in Canvas by uploading a file.

Watch the following video for an overview on how to submit for a typical Canvas assessment.

Avoid commas in filenames

Canvas currently can't display/preview your submission files if the filename contains a comma ",". This means your lecturers won't be able to annotate on it and give you feedback on the document while they're marking online. It's important that you avoid using commas in filenames.

Viewing file upload submissions in Canvas DocViewer

As an AUT student, when a document is submitted, you'll be able to view your submitted document using the Canvas DocViewer tool.

Docviewer thumbnail

However, DocViewer is only compatible with specific file types and includes some viewing limitations.

File types that can be previewed in Canvas

Formatting issues

If you submitted a document and see changes on formatting, spacing, indentations removed, or if the number of pages has changed, this misformatting only affects how a document displays in the DocViewer and doesn't affect the file itself. When downloaded, the file displays the correct formatting.

Useful links

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Getting help using Canvas

If you need help using Canvas, you can chat directly with Canvas Support through a 24/7 live chat. You’ll find this in the left-hand menu under ‘Help’ in Canvas.

Technical issues

If you have a technical issue with Canvas, log it with the ICT Service Desk.

Questions about your course

  • For issues or questions relating to your course, contact your lecturer
  • For enrolment issues, contact the programme administrator or faculty office