Saving your files

While you're studying at AUT, you can save your files to OneDrive and your H: Drive.​​​


OneDrive is a cloud-based ​storage system ​which is part of the free Offic​​e 365 suite available to all current students. You get 5TB of storage.

OneDrive lets you store, sync, share and collaborate on files from any device and any location. It's highly recommended that you save your work to OneDrive, especially if your documents are under 1GB in size.

You should be aware that uploading and/or downloading files to OneDrive will impact on your monthly AUT data allowance (when you're on campus, using the AUT network).

Conditions apply to the use of OneDrive.

OneDrive article in AUT's IT knowledgebase

​H: Drive

When your network login is created, you're automatically allocated space on the AUT network. This space is known as your 'home directory' or your 'H: Drive'. Your H: drive provides you with 300MB of storage space.

You'll find your H: drive in file explorer on Windows PC and on the desktop for Mac computers.

​How to access your H: Drive files off campus

  1. To view and access your H: drive off-campus use the AUT MyFiles website
  2. To log into the MyFiles​ network portal, type username: AUTUNI\username, for example AUTUNI\abcd123 and your network password. Note: It will take a few seconds before the login pop-up appears
  3. Once you're logged in, you'll see your files

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ICT Service Desk staff are at Tech Central on each campus:

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