Cyber security for AUT students

Learn some tips to help you stay cyber safe while you're a student at AUT.

Staying safe on social media

  • Be cautious of all links in email, social media and txt messages, as well as calls from unfamiliar phone numbers. If you think it could be a scam, verify the sender by visiting the site directly
  • Be smart about social media. Look after your logins, use strong passwords, update your privacy and security settings
  • Limit the personal information you give out online – learn how to protect your privacy online

Protecting your data and devices

Remember: AUT will NEVER ask you for your password

Take notice of unusual activity

  • Check your bank statements for any unusual transactions
  • If you’re concerned someone has stolen your identity, get a credit check
  • Avoid sensitive transactions (like online banking) on free wifi​​​​

Can you trust it? Get advice before you click

  • Beware of links in email, social media and txt messages
  • Verify the sender by visiting the site directly if you think it's a scam
  • Report suspicious activity or websites containing AUT information to the ICT Service Desk

Avoiding online scams

There are various scams on the rise right now and we want to make sure you’re all safe. Signs that it might be a scam include unexpected contact from your bank, an embassy or your internet provider; being asked for your passwords, unusual ways to pay for something and being asked for money by someone you've met online.

Take a few minutes to explore some tips provided by our friends at Netsafe to avoid scams.

Tips to avoid scams

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Contact ICT Service Desk

Phone: 0800 288 428

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Hours may vary during semester break and Summer School.


ICT Service Desk staff are at Tech Central on each campus:

City Campus: WA4
North Campus: AL125
South Campus: MA2

Log a job

As an AUT student, you can search our IT knowledgebase articles for answers, or log your request or incident via the web. You can also view your existing jobs via this tool. Use your network login and password.

Log a job with ICT