Immunisation screenings for students in clinical programmes

If you're studying a clinical health sciences programme at AUT, you're required to complete the immunisation screening process to do your clinical placement. The process takes time and varies with each person. Make sure you check your faculty requirements before you begin.

The process can be completed:

  • At the AUT Student Medical Centre; or
  • With your GP (doctor)

3 easy steps

You will need:

  • Your immunisation records
  • Your Plunket Book or similar child health records for overseas-born students

You will be tested for:

  • Hepatitis B antigen and antibodies
  • Varicella antibodies
  • Quantiferon Gold TB (tuberculosis)
  • Oral health students also need to test for HIV and Hepatitis C

Which vaccination you need will depend on your immunisation records and blood test results. It will be different for everyone and may take time. Don't delay this process until the last minute.

New Zealand born and fully immunised students

Try to find all of this before calling us. You may have to do some blood tests again. One of our nurses will create the lab form for you.

Partially immunised and international students

The blood tests will determine what vaccinations you will need to get. If you were born overseas, try to find your overseas records.

Contact us

Call us if you need to see a doctor or a nurse or book an appointment online.

Phone: +64 9 921 9992



Appointments are free for domestic AUT students enrolled at the Student Medical Centre.

Fees may apply for other students.



Our clinics are closed weekends and public holidays. There are number of after-hours options depending on the emergency.

If your concerns are life-threatening dial 111 for an ambulance.